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LG G3 hands-on review

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Here's a hands on review video of the LG G3: 





LG’s latest flagship phone, the 5.5-inch G3, boasts the sharpest screen of any mobile and a bevy of interesting features, plus an all-new metallic design that’s a serious upgrade over last year’s G2.


In fact, the overall look of the G3 makes it feel like a true premium phone, to compete with the likes of HTC’s One M8 and the Sony Xperia Z2. Despite that phablet-esque 5.5-inch screen, the G3 fits surprisingly comfortably in the hand - that’s thanks to the extremely narrow bezels surrounding the display, and also the gently sloping rear end. The brushed metal finish looks great, and the phone is perfectly firm too. You still get the rear-mounted power and volume buttons, although these have been redesigned so they aren’t quite as chunky, and still fit neatly beneath your fingers.



So far we’re really impressed with the G3’s 5.5-inch screen, currently the sharpest out there as it packs a whopping 538 pixels-per-inch. Images don’t just look supremely sharp, with no stray pixels in sight, they also stand out thanks to the warm yet realistic colours.


We’ve also got high hopes for the G3’s 13-megapixel camera. It seems to take clean photos even in dingy conditions, and boast some cool behind-the-scenes tech. You get advanced Optical Image Stabilisation, plus a laser auto-focus that can lock onto your subjects in just over 200 milliseconds, for fast snapping. It certainly seemed to take photos in quick succession, and the results were sharp.


Operating System

Android KitKat is the OS of choice, but like the other main flagships, it’s completely covered up by LG’s custom add-ons. You get the usual QSlide, Knock Code and all of LG’s other phone features, plus a new fitness widget that’s reminiscent of Samsung’s S-Health, and the new Smart Notice assistant, which keeps you notified if anything needs your attention - for instance, replying to a message, or removing old apps you never use.


The SnapDragon 801 processor puts the G3 in line with other premium smartphones, and we only saw the phone start to slow down with two or three apps running side-by-side. Otherwise, the overall experience was slick. Battery life should hopefully be a winner too, with a massive 3,000 milli-amp battery stashed inside. The LG G2 enjoyed almost two days of use between charges, and the the G3 will hopefully replicate this.



You can also charge the G3 wirelessly using an optional dock, and speaking of accessories, you can wrap the phone in the new QuickCircle case. This not only protects your phone, it also gives you a view of any notifications and allows you to place calls and send messages, all without peeling it opeN.


You can read kenlo's blog comparing the LG G3 with the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2 and Apple iPhone 5S. You can also watch zoeawesome's video at the LG launch event here


The phone is out at the end of this month - will you be buying it? Let us know in the comments below. 


Nice review, but after a previous bad experience with an LG phone before I don't think I could!


A question - 


Will giffgaff be stocking the G3? And if so, when? With the live Q&A, and the hands on review it certainly looks that way. Unless I'm mistaken?

great update


Good blog Smiley Happy

love the phone Smiley Very Happy


Out of my price range Smiley Sad


I'm not shure it's that much better than my G2, still very tempting though.


Maybe be a very early christmas present Smiley Happy