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Last Chance to Order from the Pop Up Shop

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Thank you so much for your orders so far and feedback, we have received some great insight from you which we will be sure to add to our future plans. 


We know that many of you would love to order more than one item, but due to the popularity of all items we unfortunately don't have enough left to open  up unlimited orders. We have however managed to get our hands on some additional branded iPhone covers.  So if you would like an iPhone cover in addition to any product that you have already ordered you may place that order at the shop now.


The shop will remain open until midnight Sunday, so please place your order before then. Final confirmations/ rejections for your item will be with you by Tuesday.  For those that were rejected in the first batch of orders that we have processed, due to the provision of incorrect information, you can re-order using your giffgaff account information at the shop.


We hope that you enjoy the item that you have chosen and if you have any additional feedback we would love to hear it, please do take the time to fill out our survey.


Happy Shopping Smiley Happy


I think the shop was a great idea.


Glad to see some phone related merchandise and the ever sought after hoodies.

I have ordered the speakers and will report back once they've arrived.


I understand that this was just a trial run but I do have a few observations.


1,  There needed to be proper product descriptions. This would avoid people getting sizes wrong or buying something unsuitable for their needs. It wouldn't take much for each item to link to a comprehensive description.


2,  The Amazon voucher is only worth buying if you can't wait until June for the cash. Would have been nice for these to be offered at slightly below face value.


3,  Lovely to see a phone on there but, next time, would be nice to have an entry level smartphone, this would promote giffgaffs internet services nicely.


All in all, very pleased and hope to see this repeated sometime soon.


Provision of incorrect information? Sorry but get it correct... most of us provided the correct information... YOU lot got it wrong and said they didn't match when they quite clearly did.... WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ACCEPT THE BLAME FOR THIS???


I personally think an error like this is much more important than anyones favourite flavour of jellybeans....Get your admin up to date and then you can sit and waste time like that.....

former giff-staffer





We are looking into this error at the moment, but please remember this is a trial, so won't be perfect.

Any glitches like this will be worked on and we can learn from for the future. 


For now, we ask members who have received this email to send their order details with their username, address and email address related to their giffgaff account to, and their order will be processed. 


Sorry for the confusion 




The survey looks like it can provide some useful information! I didn't order anything from the shop though, simply because I didn't need anything from it. And since I'm a tight person, I wasn't going to 'waste' points on something I didn't need Smiley Happy


My only complaint is that towards the end, the options on feedback for the ordering process should include an option for "Did Not Use". Otherwise it forces the user to provide answers that will sway results (i.e. only Good, Bad, Wont use again).




Thank you Rachel, at last, a reply to the problem and a solution, appreciated   Smiley Wink

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I'm waiting to see if I get two Hoodys I might be able to auction one to the highest bidder Smiley Very Happy ( don't worry I'm sure it was an error )
What if you wanted it sent to a different address to your registered one? Eg work address? This wouldnt match so would the order be rejected?
I haven't got an address linked to my account only post code. And I have sent it to a diff post code. Starting to reget ordering now. Seems a bit unfair you dont get this much hassle ordering online anywhere else. And can't say I like give details out willy nilly. I hope I don't end up losing my points that i have spent on purchase ....if my purchase doesn't arrive then.

did the survey,just did not have point for a hoodie.


May pop an order in, its a bit risky as not sure of produce description is very brife but worth a try. Thanks for the remider, seem ok for a first attempt.