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Last Chance to Order from the Pop Up Shop

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Thank you so much for your orders so far and feedback, we have received some great insight from you which we will be sure to add to our future plans. 


We know that many of you would love to order more than one item, but due to the popularity of all items we unfortunately don't have enough left to open  up unlimited orders. We have however managed to get our hands on some additional branded iPhone covers.  So if you would like an iPhone cover in addition to any product that you have already ordered you may place that order at the shop now.


The shop will remain open until midnight Sunday, so please place your order before then. Final confirmations/ rejections for your item will be with you by Tuesday.  For those that were rejected in the first batch of orders that we have processed, due to the provision of incorrect information, you can re-order using your giffgaff account information at the shop.


We hope that you enjoy the item that you have chosen and if you have any additional feedback we would love to hear it, please do take the time to fill out our survey.


Happy Shopping Smiley Happy

Ready for my voucher today gg Smiley Wink and I bet aandms nan wants her phone!
big cheese
My hoody arrived today it's superb value it's soft and cosy and just what I need at the moment.
Wasn't that 30 pounds the hoody?
Hoody 12 jacket 30
That's exspensive
big cheese
Lol can you see me not bring thrifty
Still no voucher!! Has anyone recieved a voucher yet?
My nan still not got her phone either
Please can We have an update on the vouchers? Last update seems incorrect. And I'm sure aandms nan would appreciate her gift soon. I hope it wasn't for her bday or another special occasion.

I'm still waiting for my iPhone Case and Speakers