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Launching...Micro SIM

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Hey folks


If you didn’t know already from Craig’s post  earlier this month, Craig wrote about the launch of the MicroSIM and following on from that we would like to announce that the big day of our new shiny Micro SIMs has arrived.


Just quick recap, for those who are not aware, we have launched new dual SIMs so they will cater for both products which require Micro SIMs  and mobiles which just require standard SIMs.  So from now onwards every SIM leaving the giffgaff warehouse will be a MicroSIM, regardless of what pack type you order.


As you can see below, this is what the Micro SIM looks like, to use the Micro SIM, simply pop it out of the frame, but make sure you keep the frame safe so if you would like to switch back to a standard SIM you can do so, by simply slotting the Micro SIM back into the frame for the standard SIM.


giffgaff micro sim.jpg




The Micro SIM can easily be pushed out and slotted back in, but remember to keep your frame safe. 


micro sim2.jpg








lives and breathes giffgaff

Great Smiley Wink 


Thank you giffgaff Smiley Happy

lives and breathes giffgaff

So people that have ordered today before this time will they get the dual sims ?


Any official word on microgaff ?


Thanks foir the update. I'm sure a lot of people are glad to finally see, the announcement of, the arrival of the Micro-SIMs.


Though my heart-felt sympathies to the many great microgaffers who helped giffgaff, in their time of need... Smiley Sad


And, I guess, there's still no news on the fate of microgaff's future?


Can we have our current sims replaced with micro sims? this has been asked many times in the forum, but no one knows yet

@suk You can report the sim lost and will recieve these new ones. Consider if the risk is worth it though.
Id like to say thanks to giffgaff for being on the ball letting microgaff members know about when it was actually changing, you could have changed it then let people find it themselves and made the official announcement a few days later.
lives and breathes giffgaff
Pleased to see an official post about it. Aandms lol
Finally, a post from giffgaff themselves!