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Hi Everyone,


Let me introduce myself as some of you will have already been chatting to me or in contact with me before now! My name is Adele, and I have recently joined giffgaff as the Member Services Delivery Manager - although I have been helping out in giffgaff for quite some time. 


What do I do, I hear you say?  Well, my role is to manage and deliver customer services to you all, so my main task is managing and improving the Member Services team who deal with your cases raised via Ask an Agent.


As you are well aware, the Member Services team have had a lot of challenges over the last couple of months. As giffgaff has grown, so has the number of people needing help, and the number of and complexity of cases we work on. However they have worked really hard to bring the volume down and are now working well within service levels.


Over the next month we will be introducing the team to you again, as it has been a while since they have been on the forums so you will get a chance to say hi to them.   Along with a series of blogs to explain a bit more about what Agents do and what case they see, we will be asking for ideas and improvements (the same way we do for everything at giffgaff) on our overall customer services to help us provide you with customer service excellence.


Over the last month, we have worked hard to make improvements within the team. One of the first steps we took was to increase the number of members on the team. These new Agents have all completed their training and are now live working on your cases.  It will take a little while for them to settle down (everyone is new once!),  and they are doing really well currently and loving the giffgaff life J  Now that the team is bigger and giffgaff overall is bigger, we will be looking at areas like updating training and improving the overall quality of the team.


The first big launch and change for this year is the go-live of Blackberry services (very exciting!) which is now with you.  The team have completed their training and are ready to rock and roll!!  Another big change which will help the management of cases is a new Ask an Agent form which is currently being developed, and I will keep you updated with more information and when this will launch.  This new form will ask you more questions about your issue, and you will have to select some mandatory fields.  This is by no means to limit people asking questions in any way - these new fields in the form will help us identify the issue you are facing quicker.  As the new form is not launched as of yet and in order for us to identify Blackberry cases in the queues can you complete the following when raising an ask an agent case for Blackberry issues:


If you need to submit a case on Blackberry related issues:


Select the category – “Mobile services” and place in the subject line “Blackberry”.


Should you have an issue that could possibly be related to your Blackberry handset, make sure you check out the fab Blackberry simulators on the below link in the FAQ’s; they give a walk through on how to setup your handset and you can even check where to find your settings.


Blackberry Simulators:

Blackberry FAQs in our Help Section:

Ask The Community!:


As normal, the team will only be supporting sim/account based queries (things that require sim technical support on a network level, or that involve personal information to your account). If the simulator above hasn’t helped with your queries, we also have a great set of FAQS and of course the community on hand to help. Using these can often get you the answer you require very quickly if it’s a handset, settings or basic query that doesn’t require an answer from the Agent team.


In the future, the Member Services team will have monthly blogs so you can meet and catch up with all the team and help us with improving our service. It's great being on board and I look forward to getting to know and work with you all!



One thing that I have come across time after time is people who have no service on there mobile some for 14 days plus, there has to be something that can be done regarding this matter, as whenever someone has this type of problem we can not help them in any way all we can say is contact an agent, but 14 days without a service is totaly unacceptable and not only that then we get bad press on other sites, gg offer a good service at a very good price and yes sometimes things do go wrong, but I feel that if anyone has no service which is no fault of there own then this should be top priority for the agents at gg to sort out, I hope someone looks into this and put something in place.

Joshaw's focus seems more about warding off some cases going to the agents, if that's not necessary, rather than about the information used in those that do get there.

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@as781  As Andy0 has stated this form is more about re-directing questions to the community.  My first priority is to ensure that the team get all the relevant information they required to troubleshoot which is the first stage of the new form design.  The next stage is then to re-direct non account related questions and this template is something I will certainly take into consideration.


@ adele,


you might want to take a look at this post, and the one directly below it. this is exactly the kind of thing i was talking about earlier


i dont know if its worth you talking to uvbmike, as i guess he has a lot of experience talking to agents given his porting problem


edit, also just noticed that this problem is still ongoing

How come agents have been saying for the past couple of days that there is a fix in place for this issue?


welcome adele - a monthly blog is a good idea - i think all the giffgaff staff who interact with the community should do a blog atleast once every 12 months as part of their performance review. This brings more ownership on the roles they fulfill and a personal touch for the community.


I for one would prefer to read the various journeys of giffgaff staff as they widen their skill base and any improvements they have made,  as you know we all input ideas into the community it would be nice to hear about ideas raised from staff also - kaizen is a wonderfull thing, but asking outsiders to submit kaizen ideas all the time is very one sided and i think collaboration between staff and community on kaizen ideas would be good in so many ways - first mobile operator to work with their customers directly on improving community life and functionality ( i know this does take place - its just not so evident to all)



anyway welcome to the community - i hope your journey is a good one.

Hi Adele, Thanks for that. Nice work! ;-) Keep it up!

@darkrage I like the idea of an occasional blog from various staff, some might not be adept at writing blogs but Adele sure seems up to the task so maybe an occasional blog from one member of each department on what they're doing instead of every staff member


Hi there, i was wondering if any body can help.. Basically i wanted to change my number when my goodie bag ended this month, but i stupidly went and pre bought next months goodybag already is there any way i can change my number and get my goodybag transferred to the new gg number?


@ tanism please start a thread with this in help ask the community section and im sure you will get the assistance you require =)

handy giff-staffer

@tanism  as your queued goodybag has not gone live as o yet the agents can help you.  So raise a case to the agents and they can pick this up and remove the goodybag and you can also place your number transfer request now but specify the exact date  you want to transfer over.


@darkrage  that is exactly what we plan in regards to the staff and the community working together.  First blog will be comin soon Smiley Wink and on a monthly basis there will be a blog and what we will be doing is highlighting some pain points that the team face which I hope both the community and agents will discuss and hopefully come with some good ideas together which can resolve the problem without affecting the community or the team Smiley Happy


@stephenmiller  hehehe I try no expert myself but good point and the agents will be supported by the educators etc as well