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Lithys 2012: giffgaff - Best Social Customer Experience

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Hi all,





In 2010 we won the Lithy award for 'Most Innovative Community' for our use of the Lithium platform. This was a great achievement for our new business, and a real credit to you all in the community for helping us achieve it.




An hour ago in San Francisco, the 2012 Lithys were awarded. We were chosen this year for 'Best Social Customer Experience'; and again we have you to thank. Not just for making our community the best it has ever been, but also for voting for us and creating such great testimonials - we had a video, poem and graphic piece all submitted in the thread on the lithosphere. A special thank you Darrenpainter for his thread promoting our nomination.




Now! Last week some of you submitted some videos for a 'Super Secret Project'; I'm happy to reveal that this was for our acceptance of the award - where Robbie and I are right now. Below is the video, we hope you like it and it does you all justice! Thanks to everyone who was involved and helped out against those strict deadlines!



Thanks to these members for submitting videos (although not all were used): 1hale, aaronjlaw, alastairweller, allwyn, andreww, aoon_m, bevlive, bitbrit, bonusball, drupad2drupad, flaxvert, ironictwig, jackoboy9, jsmyth2112, jwilsher2712, khairul, kurtis5561, leeze, liamwli, lushdad, lushman, maddylee, mary_r_t, mgb2, mikelane, mitchell2010, nellisere, oakleboy, oslingsby, pinkcalculator, pjr, powderedtoastman, revomutharock, rhys57haskell, richard duncan, samlowe, sputnic409, stephenmiller, styly, trudiw, ttricky, uzzyy


Again, we thank every member for your participation in making this an award winning community. We should all be proud of this achievement, without you, giffgaff would be nowhere.







Haha this is funny!

I hope no one does post names to faces i will die of embrassment!


We didn't win this one bit, we deserved it. Nice video Smiley Happy


My special thanks to Toby, Hazel, Joe, Vincent, Zobia. 

former giff-staffer
Hehe glad you're all liking it. The video got a great response here as well so thanks again to everyone involved. And yes Darren i got to keep the cape and they even gave me two extra capes , so i'll soon be running around with my kids in golden capes making the mobile industry a saver place Smiley Happy
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I only know 3 faces for definate


The first woman is Trudiw then straight after her is Uzzy


Then I'm leaving it up to pinkcalculator to tell you where she is althougth I DO know.

big cheese
Hehe I know Trudi and Andrew Uzzy Sam Liam and Mary

Would it be off-message for me to suggest that, given how dire Lithium is compared to almost every other forum engine currently in use, it's not that big a deal?


It's a bit like being voted "Best Trabant in show" ...

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giffgaff spelling squad to the rescue.


Vincent it's not a saver place BUT a safer place.


Lol HeartHeartSmiley Very Happy


Enjoy your evening and don't get too drunk, remember you need to drive back to Beaconsfield for work in the morning.


I realize it's Saturday and your day off but the award DOES need to go into the big giffgaff safe for safe keeping.


The sooner the better.

big cheese
Might come down during the may week and see this trophy Smiley Happy
giffgaff head-scratcher
Vincent will be flying back, he is in San Francisco at the moment Smiley Happy
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Damn that pesky english language. Can i blame auto-correct? Yes, yes, that was it... Smiley Wink As it was my birthday this week i am going to stay a few days longer here to properly celebrate in a city close by ^^ Back on tuesday though. Smiley Happy