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Micro SIMs – Cut and fit your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Micro SIM

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Unlike a standard iPhone, the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S (and some of the new Nokia handsets) require a different size SIM – the Micro SIM. We know there are still a lot of queries about getting hold of Micro SIMs, and for the more hands-on members even questions around cutting your own to size.  So there are a few options open to you:


  1. You can cut your own Micro SIM (see the video and guide below)
  2. It's likely that a local Unlocking shop may have access to a Micro SIM cutter (you can also purchase these from eBay)
  3. If you haven't joined giffgaff yet, you can order a Micro SIM from our community members (find a list below)
  4. You can pop round for a cuppa and use our Micro SIM cutter in the office


Make your own Micro SIM


So for those of you looking to cut your own Micro SIM to size, download our Micro SIM template.  Or if you need a bit more of a visual guide – take a look at our YouTube video demonstrating cutting and fitting your Micro SIM.



Order a Micro SIM from the community


Some people may not like the idea of cutting their own SIM down to size, so for those of you not so keen on the idea, order a Micro SIM from our community members, find a list of Micro SIM providers here.


Update:  giffgaff provide Micro SIMs and Standard SIMs to all customers, order your Free SIM.

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My cutter is on the way and I'm going to practice on a few old sims I've got from orange that are lying around before trying on a sim with real money. Got two free adaptors with my cutter and it was only 2.99 from that famous auction site we know and love Smiley Happy

How do I get added to the Micro SIM providers?

giffgaff head-scratcher

@dkent555, read the 2nd post on this thread

for the joining requirements


Did you test that sim as it looks like it would short on the side of the sim tray.


This is what i did for the microgaff guide microgaff.




There does not need to be alot of plastic around the gold contacts just some so it does not short on the side of the iPhone/iPad SIM tray.

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Hi there,


This was created two years ago, and we haven't had any problems reported back so far :smileyhappy:



woho i just got 4 new micro sim requests and ive only bean on microgaff for 2 days

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I can't see why there should be a rush on micro sims before Friday ..... Is something happening Smiley Tongue

very timely post, just in time for iphone4s release..

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@pinkcalculator - "I can't see why there should be a rush on micro sims before Friday ..... Is something happening :smileytongue:"


Launching gigabags on Monday next week, I think folks are getting themselves prepared for that? Or perhaps there is a run on folks rushing to buy an iPhone 4S and jumping to giffgaff

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Must be the latter Smiley Happy that's why I got my sim cutter Smiley Happy it's was on cnet how good gg would be for unlocked 4s