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Mobile: How it's changed our lives

rocket scientist



Can you imagine a world without mobile phones? I certainly can’t! SuperStock_1606-34361.jpg


They haven't really been around that long but during the time they have been around; they have changed our lives and made socialising easy.


Want to meet up with a friend? Easy, just tap in a few buttons and Voila! Seconds later, your friend will receive your message.


But today I'd like to share some stories with you, where not only has mobile changed how we think, but also changed some people’s lives completely.


Developing countries, a mobile within their hands  


There are countless countries in the world that earn only a few dollars a day, working all day, farming, knitting, sculpting etc.


They have little access to electricity and the only way they can contact someone is by walking to their destination. Imagine if someone was ill and they had to walk miles to see a doctor - only to realise the surgery was closed.


This happens in many parts of the world but here is a story of how a village in Kenya gained access to mobiles, and how it changed their lives.


A mobile phone base station was built on a nearby hill, in Muruguru, Kenya.


"I'm saving time, I’m saving money," says Grace Wachira, who runs a small business knitting cardigan sweaters in the village. Before the tower was built, she had to walk several hours to the nearest town or ride in a communal taxi to buy yarn or meet customers, not knowing whether the person she wanted to see would be there.




There are countless stories of how dialling an emergency number from a mobile has saved someone's life. I have never phoned one from my mobile, and never needed to. But for some, if they didn't have a mobile, they would be dead.


Here are four personal stories of how mobiles have saved their lives. In one post a Mans phone literally saves his life protecting him from a gun shot to the chest.


Have a good read Smiley Happy


Cell Phone Novels


A new genre of writing has been created due to mobile phones. It originated from Japan and now is a popular writing genre in various countries. The writer writes a story with chapters usually between 70 and 100 characters via text message, due to the limitations on SMS messaging.


There are even regular competitions and contests for the most original story created within one text in length, usually with a set topic each time round.


Here's a few examples I found online:


  • Vainly she hurriedly closed the box, but it was almost empty. It left her only hope to cling to, for all else was gone. Bowing her head, Pandora wept.


  •  Edith saw the man blush as she shook his hand and felt her faith in human nature restored. It was only later she realised her purse was already empty...


  • Leaping from the bridge over the ravine, she didn't care anymore. She plummeted in silence. Only when the bungee strap gripped her ankles did she scream.


The stories end up turning out something similar to a Haiku in my opinion, It's great fun to try yourself, and really gets you thinking as you have to try to fit a story into the space given. Have a look at one contest I found here




Mobiles these days come with calculators, cameras, flashlights, hundreds of handy apps – without a mobile, they would have to be bought separately.


I think mobiles are only going to become more and more advanced and we've already seen posts about companies looking into ways of making your mobile phone into a portable payment system.


This is an extract from an article from the Guardian, about the possibility of having a smoke alarm built into your mobile:


"The Romanian designers say the phone would have sensors linked to its battery, which is usually charged (unlike many smoke detectors). The sensors can pick up smoke and other toxic gases, informing the owner of danger. It could even send an alert to emergency services. There is no end, it seems, to the mobile's versatility. It is the first product since the watch - whose function it has also embraced - that stays with us all the time. It has no plans to go away."


There really is no limit to what the mobile generation is capable of. It's very exciting to see what the world has in store for the mobile era next.


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big cheese

Yes, mobile has changed my life Smiley Happy I'm proud to say. 

Great Post Smiley Happy 


In addition, is the world really ready for more technology ? Smiley Happy is the real question Smiley Happy 


5 more years and I will have had one for half my life.


my moble is my life gald their are mobile dont know what i would do without 1.Smiley Very Happy


ok yes...but I do love not having it when out the new forest.

or when i just want to lose my self.


and when you can buy a phone for a pound.

Seems to me that mobile phones these days are becoming more about 'Entertainment' rather than for socialising/emergency calls.  I guess its good to have it for both though, specially if you do not have a laptop or computer for internet access. Not just that though, but I do feel that mobile phones are not doing many people any favours. You see 5 year olds these days with them, as well as all the latest technology (As they seem to be a huge want for them), were as before they became so big like this, kids would be out, getting exercise etc.etc. 


great post Smiley Happy

rocket scientist
it definitely has!! good post too
Really enjoyed reading tho I dint read it all :-)