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Mobile Internet Community Consultation

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Here at giffgaff we like to do things differently. You may have spotted our invitation to participate in a conversation about mobile internet, where we invited our members to discuss the set up of our £10 goodybag.


We’re really pleased with the amount of discussion, debate and thought that was put in and we’d really like to thank everyone who got involved to help shape the changes which will come in from November.


As not everyone was able to get involved in a discussion about Mobile Internet - I thought I should write a quick Blog post that summarise the steps we took and hopefully helps to illustrate just how different giffgaff does things.


I’m certainly not aware of any telecommunications company, let alone any other UK business that involves invites their entire memberbase to discuses price changes, and if there was one, that actually listens.


Starting the conversation:


We want to involve our members in key decisions, giving as much information about our challenges, commercial environment (where practical, this is a public forum after all and we don’t want to give away our trade secrets) and details about the pre-activity we had already completed via research etc which gave our members the opportunity to assess 3 options presented to discuss and rate these options in terms of suitability.


We wanted to run this discussion for 10 days – and I expected to be busy! The thread and discussions can be found here.


Discussion about the leading option:


As the discussion progressed it was clear one of the options stood out - introducing a new goodybag and reducing the mobile internet within the £10 goodybag. The discussion then moved on to question if there was further flexibility within this option – the key items were was it possible to increase the mobile internet allowance in the £10 goodybag from 750MB to 1GB, if it was possible to change the price point to £12 or £12.50, and if it would then be possible to tether on the £10 goodybag.


Re-evaluation as a result of the discussion:


These 3 items were put back into the mix to see if they would be commercially viable, given what we were trying to achieve.

The result:


The consultation ran for ten days and receiving an overwhelming amount of feedback. We received almost 8,000 responses to the official consultation thread and over 85,000 views! As a result of listening to our community, we were able to come up with the following solution, which will be in place from November.


From the original options that were presented the community discussion influenced 3 changes: 750MB to 1GB, including tethering on the £10 goodybag and also changing the price point from £13 to £12 for the new goodybag.


From November (date TBC, we’ll communicate with at least 30 days notice)


£10 goodybag (change) £12 goodybag  (new)
250 UK Minutes
Unlimited UK texts
1GB Mobile Internet (Tethering will be allowed)
250 UK Minutes
Unlimited UK texts
Unlimited Mobile Internet (Tethering will not be allowed)


While we may not have followed the original format, we could see from the responses that the vast majority of the community (89% in fact) suggested the proposed option 3 would be their preferred choice. Given all the feedback we were then able to improve that option and we are confident this is the ideal solution.


While we don’t have a final date for when this change is planned, it will most likely start in November. We will provide an update on this later, making sure to give at least 30 days notice.


Again, thank you to everyone who took part!



I agree with you tonypop

@tonypop, the irony is that a lot of people (not just giffgaff customers) do pay over the top, often by rather more than £2/month, to get that 'comfort blanket' that they won't have to pay extra if they suddenly use a lot more minutes/data/text and in doing so pay many £100s or even £1000s over several years and certainly rather more than they ever would from excess usage over a lower tariff.


If you accept that the price has to go up for the heavy users, then so it must for anyone who buys the heavy user tariffs even if they don't really need them.


In this case the extra £2 will buy 100MB/month on the lower tariff, so unless you use on average more than 1.1GB/month the lower tariff will be cheaper. If you use 1GB most months, and 2GB in one month each year the lower tariff is still cheaper.


Which comes back to my point about really thinking about what you will actually ever use.




Ask in the 'Help' section not this thread


Options for me are fine. I very rare go over 1GB and for and extra piece of mine can get a unlimited for £ 12 if on holiday ect. Only thing i can still see is that if the heavy users still use very heavy then £2 wont be enough to cover costs which makes all this pointless. I still think they should be a traffic management policy or fair usage policy for the unlimited or the geniune user like me and 90% of others will only get penalised again in the future.

Its a shame Giffgaff normal users have had  to suffer more than the actual very heavy users !


soo this is there new offer? am confused why did gg give us 3 options when now it is totally changed??

@r16pab, the goodybag changes are only part of the equation. Other initiatives such as the on the fly reformatting of video to minimise bandwidth use will help bring down the amount used by the heavier users as well. I assume giffgaff believes that the pricing changes announced will be sufficient for the foreseeable future based on current trends, but further changes are of course always possible and if needed to maintain the sustainability of the business are always likely to be preferable for the majority of customers than closure of the service as it gives people a choice of whether to remain customers or not.

@chefkoch Ah I see, well in that case

its a sad sad situation, and its getting more and more absurd...

Why is everyone saying well done? Have I missed something here? We have gone from unlimited internet for 10 quid to 12 quid? Ie paying more for the same service. Please correct me if I'm wrong

I like it, and for the £10 1Gb goodybag I would like to see options for extending the data options for tethered use.  As you will be allowed to tether on this plan (whereas the unlimited it only the phone the sim resides in) I would like the option to be able to add data via a gigabag to run consecutively with your goodbybags.  I don't mind paying for data, but I would like the option of having more without having to pay paygo rates if I run out of my 1Gb.

I kind of agree and disagree I don't think £2 is excessive for the peace of mind. Although I do find it rather bizarre that no one is talking about service being upgraded. I live in Scotland and there are plenty of places that are Orange/T-mobile only zones. I have been with 02 and gg since the start of 3g yet have never had a 3g signal for more than 20secs. Now with the advent of 4g is there any chance of any network upgrade? Or are we all simply being punished for the few? =j