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We recently carried out a survey that showed millions of UK mobile users could be unknowingly paying twice to insure their handset.  The research showed that approximately 5.7 million mobile customers in the UK  could be doubling up – by taking on insurance from their mobile provider when their handset is already covered by their home insurance policy.  


Of course, it's vital that you check your home insurance to make sure it covers your mobile but with the monthly average Insurance costing £8.20 per month (from mobile retailers), people could be paying £100 a year on unnecessary insurance.


The research also revealed a change in behaviour over the last five years, with an increase in the number of mobile users taking out insurance.  In 2006, only three percent of respondents insured their handset, however, in 2011, out of the people who have an active insurance policy in place, 32 percent have taken up an insurance policy in the last 12 months – a number which is only set to grow as mobile handsets increase in capability and price.


To highlight our research findings we have issued a PR press release, which will hopefully get coverage in the Press, so keep your eyes peeled. (Update - I have attached the mention from today's Sun and Daily Mirror, great stuff).


Which? Mobile, the UK’s leading consumer association offer the following tips to consumers when considering their options for mobile phone insurance here, and below:

  • Before you buy, read the terms and conditions carefully, check the excesses and exclusions and weigh up the policy.
  • It's worth bearing in mind that if you don't have mobile insurance, you'll be liable for the cost of any calls made if the phone is stolen.
  • Some retailers will try to bundle in mobile phone insurance when you sign up for a new contract and handset, especially for high-end models.
  • But don't be pushed into buying the first mobile insurance policy you're offered. You could find a better deal if you take a bit of time to shop around. 
  • If you do buy mobile insurance, by law the seller must send you a policy summary setting out the key points in the cover and a 'statement of demands and needs' to show why you were recommended the insurance in the first place.
  • If you take out mobile phone insurance and then decide you don't want it, you have a 14-day 'cooling-off' period, starting from the day you purchased it, during which you can cancel the policy and get your premium refunded in full.

Tara Evans at This is Money also offers great advice for those who may be considering getting an insurance policy here.


So what do you think about Mobile Insurance?  Do you have it?  Have you claimed? Let me know your experiences.


Used to have insurance for about 3 years (with my contents cover), since I had a N95 8GB.

Just cancelled it as I'm very careful with my phones and have never lost or broken one since 1994.


I used the money saved to get my bike insured as that is more likely to get stolen than my phone (and cost more) and my premuim went down by £4 a month.


For me it was wasted money, if your clumsy or forgetful I've no doubt it's worth it but do spend the time haggling and shopping around.


i simply hate the idea of companies stealing my money for insuring things that i am never going to claim for..

i had insurance with vodafone, they didnt send a policy out then tried to mug me for a £25 excess charge when i wanted to claim. I told them to forget it and fixed the phone myself for under a fiver. Biggest rip off ever if your on pay and go, save your monthly fee and if your phone is lost/stolen buy a new one out of what you have saved. If your phone breaks look if its an easy fix if so look for cheap parts if not consider wheather t take it to a phone shop or get a new one.
i was trying to buy a phone and they put insurance in the basket without me picking it and i would have bought it had i not seen. thanks for the guide. :-)

Neaver had it as not had much of a valueble phone before.


never really bothered with insurance for my phone, as previous phones havent been worth it, and im very careful with my stuff (not just phone but wallet, keys, etc). one of the reasons ive always been put off expensive phones is the insurance and the worry i would have over loosing/damaging it.


Giffgaff had a mention today on LBC. Keep up the good work!


I get my phone insurance free through the bank. My parents are on the Advantage Gold account and both my iPhone's are insured on the same policy.


My phone insurance goes through my parents bank (Barclays), I once considered taking out insurance with o2, but for the price... I ditched that idea. Funnily enough, it's funny this topic should arise, as my iPhone recently got dropped, and it's now completely dead, And I am now in the process of going through Barclays claim procedure! I will let you know the outcome! I bought the phone myself at a whopping £538... So I wasn't in the best of moods at the time!


i dont have that much of an expensive phone...not really worth getting insurance on...only worth around £20/25