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Mobile World Congress 2014 Video Review

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Hi everyone,


Recently @marktiddy  and myself returned from Barcelona where we spent a couple days exploring Mobile World Congress. We saw some amazing tech and ideas while we were there and fortunately for us all, Mark captured lots of video footage. So check out his video blog of the event and his impressions on the latest phones, smart watches, Samsungs's Unpacked 5 event and much more.



Big thank you to Mark for pulling this together and we will share his next video soon.






Thanks for sharing! I'm quite interested to see video footage of some of the new handsets like the Asus Padfone you liked, and some of the lower cost Chinese handsets. The Chinese handsets will enter the emerging markets first, before coming to developed markets like the UK, but hopefully, a few handsets will make their ways to the UK this year!


Thanks for sharing this with us.


great update! thanks for that 

Cool, thanks for sharing. Really hope giffgaff go to more of these events in the future! Keep them coming. :-)

There's not much footage of the smaller chinese brands other than the brief snippets in the video. The hands on video does show a bit more of the Asus FonePad though

grand master

Looks like you had a good time and found out some awesome things! Smiley Happy

giffgaff; ergo sum

A great bit of viewing, thanks!

Looking forward to the next.


Nice vid.Good to get paid to do something like
big cheese

Love the idea of slotting a phone into a tablet. Smiley Happy


But whose bright idea was it to put a QWERTY keyboard on a watch?! Smiley Surprised Maybe useful if you have pins for fingers. Smiley Frustrated