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It's been almost 5 months since we launched Hokey Cokey, probably giffgaff's craziest goodybag. Hokey Cokey gives you 60 UK minutes, 300 texts, and a free minute for every minute you get called. A very unusual approach to a goodybag product, as to understand its total value you first need to know if you tend to receive more calls than the ones you make.


As this product was completely different from our standard goodybags, we launched it under giffgaff labs and waited to see for reactions and conversations around it. The feedback so far has been promising and we can already see in our new our offer section that Hokey Cokey is the second most ‘liked’ goodybag.


Given its popularity, we’ve had no other option than to extend Hokey Cokey‘s expiry date; so for all of you doing the Hokey Cokey, you will be able to continue purchasing this goodybag until 30 JUN 2011. These 2 months will allow us to study the possibility of making this product permanent and to replace our current labs offering with something new and exciting.


Changes in the site reflecting the new end date for Hokey Cokey will take place this am, a few hours after Barcelona beats Real Madrid in Champions League. For all Hokey Cokey fans, please continue telling us those amazing stories on how you manage to receive more calls and get those extra free minutes.



please keep hockey cockey when i am sure i dont need ulimited internet for the month id rather stick to hockey cockey. so please. but yeah if your trying out different goodybags then no worries.


Find a company website that has a "call me back button" and then keep doing "if you'd like the hear the options again, press #" Unlimited minutes for £5!!


My friend called me by accident... so I kept it going until his credit ran out. Smiley Tongue
Then I told him about giffgaff, and he joined to stop it happening again, haha! Smiley Very Happy 


We need this to be continued! With data!




Seriously though this has to be the best offer ever and has impressed people I know, some of which are considering the switch!! I for one will be VERY sorry to see this go.... and I hadn't even thought about clicking on the "call me back" button on websites - very wonderfully naughty!


There needs to be more texts ;( I have none left! I'm liking the idea of the text for every text received...


300 texts should be plenty - if you need more get the £10 bag.


I don't think it's economically possible to give you free texts for every text received - GG relies on termination rates to fund your extra minute for the inbound minute... The revenue doesn't come in from the SMS in the same manner, so there's nothing to offer you for an inbound text really.


by hugh1988 on 08-06-2011 17:11:


Find a company website that has a "call me back button" and then keep doing "if you'd like the hear the options again, press #" Unlimited minutes for £5!!



Do you happen to know of any such companies? i love this goodybag, don't really want an actual person to ring me as i'd feel really bad for wasting all their time.... but if it's just an automated one then great Smiley Very Happy


Please make this GB permanent and remove the uncertainty.

I have friends who want to join GiffGaff for that GB, but because it has a limited lif, they think it is a short time promotion and so are reluctant to move.

This was also true of the free data. Many more people would have transfered over, but it appeared to be ending at the end of each month, had they realised it was going to be extended for a long time, they would have joined us.

I do hope you can again provide free data (even if capped) or offer it as an extra for say £2.50 ontop of a £5 GB.

I dont use my phone enough to warrant a £10 GB, but would like low use data (eg checking e-mails twice a day which at a daily rate would cost £6 a month)