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It's been almost 5 months since we launched Hokey Cokey, probably giffgaff's craziest goodybag. Hokey Cokey gives you 60 UK minutes, 300 texts, and a free minute for every minute you get called. A very unusual approach to a goodybag product, as to understand its total value you first need to know if you tend to receive more calls than the ones you make.


As this product was completely different from our standard goodybags, we launched it under giffgaff labs and waited to see for reactions and conversations around it. The feedback so far has been promising and we can already see in our new our offer section that Hokey Cokey is the second most ‘liked’ goodybag.


Given its popularity, we’ve had no other option than to extend Hokey Cokey‘s expiry date; so for all of you doing the Hokey Cokey, you will be able to continue purchasing this goodybag until 30 JUN 2011. These 2 months will allow us to study the possibility of making this product permanent and to replace our current labs offering with something new and exciting.


Changes in the site reflecting the new end date for Hokey Cokey will take place this am, a few hours after Barcelona beats Real Madrid in Champions League. For all Hokey Cokey fans, please continue telling us those amazing stories on how you manage to receive more calls and get those extra free minutes.



I Love Hockey Cokey, and would definitely like to see some Data Allowance with this one please.

Have used the hokey and loved it be even better with a small amount of internet .

Best thing sinced sliced bread!


loving Hokey Cokey.. just a 'light' user, so the £5.00 top-up suits me fine (and it's cheaper to top-up the kids, too)!


I used my giff-gaff number on one of the 'free offer' / comparison sites - then had 30-minute calls from energy supply companies trying to sell their services Smiley Happy


The Hokey cokey realy suits me!!! I hope it stays.


ive topped up once but i didnt get my free £5 credit will someone please tell me how to get it




Can't wait til the goodybag becomes permanent.

So glad to see that everyone else thinks the same!

Smiley Happy


Great money saver!


Ended up with over 300 minutes last month. It's a bit like the cornucopia  'Horn o' Plenty' - you know the never ending drink fabled more recently by the Irish lol. Pity you can't get an extra free pint of Guinness every time someone buys you one. Heaven indeed.


Jaba x


I think the hokey cokey should stay, its the main reason i signed up to giffgaff. you should have this offer instead of the unlimited free texts offer!!!

Love the Hokey Cokey, please make it permanent.