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More goodyness for the summer.

handy giff-staffer

Summer has finally arrived and we’ve decided to celebrate -  so we’re happy to announce that as of next week - 12th of June – we will be doubling the minutes on our £10 goodybag. From this date onwards, you will get 500 minutes (instead of the usual 250) plus unlimited texts and 1GB of data for £10.


This is a limited offer for new joiners ending on 31st of October 2013, however the great news is that all existing members will also benefit AND be able to continue using this offer past that date.  


We’re letting you know a week early so you can time the purchase of your new goodybag. If you have set your goodybag to recur or you’ve queued one up to start on or after 12th of June we’ll include the extra 250 minutes automatically.


There’s more info about the offer in this thread in the Announcements section of our community so head over there if you need more details.


Have a great summer!



Well thats pretty good i must say Any reason its only for the £10 and not perhaps the £12 or £15?
big cheese
Sounds good for members needing more minutes but not the data.
wow thats awesome
kung fu master

great! Smiley Happy Thanks Smiley Very Happy

grand master

What will members joining AFTER 31st October receive for their tenner.....250 minutes? An excellent gesture by the way.

thats really good and will be very beneficial to those who use the £10 goodybag
@metalhead - the way i see it thats what it will be for those joining after 31st octobre

Is this not going to cause confusion on the Help forums where there are members getting 500mins and others getting 250mins on what ostensibly appears to be the same £10 goodybag?


this is great news..


Cool! Thanks again Giffgaff, so glad I switched over to you Smiley Happy