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My Top Android apps

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Hey giffgaffers this is my 1st blog and I would like to share with you my top 8 android apps, I was asked if I wanted to write a blog and i jumped at the idea, I hope you guys like it.

1.Titanium Backup

This app is a lifesaver for the android users who like to use custom roms or even want to remove built in system bloatware, voted the number one root app on twitter in which i'm not surprised since this is a very powerful tool. you can backup, restore and even freeze apps. It supports android 1.5-4.0+ and has had over 4.5 million users. (needs root to use).


2. My Backup

My Backup is similar to titanium backup, with this app you can

- Freeze bloatware, system apps
- UnFreeze frozen applications
- Wipe Cache of applications
- Wipe Data of applications
- Uninstall applications
- Break the Android Market Link to Apps
- Link Apps to the Android Market
- Force Close applications

but also you can backup plenty of stuff ranging from your applications to mms to your system settings and even your music playlists.

here’s the list of everything you can backup - You can backup (with schedule option) to there online secure servers, or to your SD card, its your choice, you can backup your Applications, Photos, Contacts, Call log, Browser Bookmarks, SMS (text messages), MMS, Calendar, System Settings, Home Screens (including shortcut positions), Alarms, Dictionary, Music Playlists, and more.


3.Google +
Google+ is a social network, I find it to be unique from the others, it has a very simple but at the same time a very powerful UI, it's easy to navigate, and in a few clicks you can be having a hangout (video call) with your friends. I like the messenger part of google+ since you can have your own unique circles, which basically allows you to easily arrange your chat circles, you could have one for work, hobbies, interests, family and friends, basically anything you want, circles make it easy to keep in contact with the different groups of people in your life.

4.Adobe Flash Player

Well this one is basically self explanatory, Adobe flash player is used to let you watch flash videos and play games, it gives the user freedom to acc
ess their favorite interactive content and gives you a rich PC like web experience.





Now some of you may have never have heard of this app before, the reason behind this is that it's not available on the play market, it comes built in on custom cyanogenmod roms, it's a very good and powerful music equalizer. As i'm a big music fan and like my music loud and crisp, this app suited me perfectly.


6. Theme Chooser

Another app in which some of
you may never heard of and is not available in the play market is theme chooser, another app that comes built in with custom cyanogenmod roms. This app is great, it allows me to put whatever theme i want on my phone, whether i want my phone to look like a samsung, lg, or even a sony ericsson i can, plus there's a lot of other funky ones out there like the star wars or mario ones, or just the standard color ones like red,cyan, or green, the choices are limitless.


7. Avast Mobile Security

Avast mobile security is probably my favorite anti-virus program for my phone, its a very powerful and useful program and offers a wide range of very useful things, I love the fact that if you are rooted avast will protect itself from un-installment even after a factory reset, this has to be the best feature, meaning thieves have no way of getting rid of it easily. Another nifty feature of avast is the firewall, enabling the user to disable an app from using 3g/wi-fi /roaming mobile networks, although this is another feature what needs superuser rights (a.k.a root to work).


8. Zenonia 4

The main reasons I like this game is because you can get hours of enjoyment out of it, and best of all it's free and without those nasty ads, which is why it has made it onto my top 10, if you like RPG games then this is probably the game for you, it's very action packed with beautiful graphics and has a great storyline. You also get the choice of 4 characters in which you get one to choose from to join you on your adventure.

What I really like about android is that it's very open, I can use a variety of custom roms, kernels and apps that would otherwise not be available on the stock rom. One thing I really like is how easy it was to root and put a custom rom on my phone, thats not the case with every android phone, some can be very hard to do, but thats down to the manufacturer.


Ill be happy to answer any questions you may have Smiley Happy.

I hope you enjoy my 1st ever blog.

lol great blog Smiley Happy btw u never mentiond which fone u hav? osf? also i believe go apps sch as go sms and skyfire wud defo b in my top 5 .. id love to write a blog Smiley Happy
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I have the LG optimus 2x Smiley Happy
I am the matrix
by mitchell2010 on 29-04-2012 05:06
I have the LG optimus 2x :smileyhappy:
So do I ,  great phone isn't it ...... Smiley Wink  Smiley Happy

Titanium backup is only one of the two aps I have paid for. The other is root explorer. One thing to add is that titanium backup can do back ups to the cloud, and there is more than one option for doing this including dropbox.


Avast has brilliant anti theft features on top of the normal anti virus and firewall functions. It allows you to control your stolen phone via SMS, such as finding the phone's location, wiping the memory, disabling functions etc.


Seeing the comments on here about the Ace, it may not be appreciated that this phone is not as limited as many people think. I have 89 user aps installed and 82Mb (nearly half) of the internal memory free. Once it is customised, it is a great little phone.


I liked it as I have not got an android yet BUT I understood it all (well nearly all"!) Good one!


DSPManager is in the rom I put on my phone. Apart from boosting the volume it doesn't really seem to do much.

does Dsp Manager work throughout the phone m8, when playing youtube for example. and can you get it without cyanogen or even rooting? im using a different eq app but havnt realy tested it yet :-)
kingpin is any1 using Go Launcher on an Arc S?? mine has became realy slow+force closes 10times a day :-( ive used it for years+am dreading trying a new launcher but guess il give it a go (pardon the pun lol)
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Dspmanager does work throughout the phone with any app although you do need to be running a custom Rom to use it im afraid it wont work on stock. Its really good i think when you set it to a right level you can really tell the difference through the headphones.
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Has it just happened since an update funky? Just wait for another update and see if that sorts your force close problem and if not your probably best off trying another.