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New packaging for giffgaff

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As you may remember, back towards the end of last year we talked to you all about the changes we are making to our SIM packaging. This will make significant cost savings over the coming year and provide us with more efficient production lines which is great news. In the background we have been working hard to deliver the new and improved packs - which we present to you today. We think they're way prettier than our current designs, and we hope you like them as much as we do. 


We are excited to announce the new design and we hope you like it. 


New packs.jpg


So, what's different about this design? Well...


1)      Each pack type is differentiated by a bold colour and a new name for each pack type.


2)      Name personalisation - each 'Hello' and 'Oops' pack will have your own name in the pack.


3)      And now for the best bit - we know how much you all loved the origami packs, and we wanted to bring that back whilst ensuring it didn’t cost a fortune for us to produce. So - now you can also have a go at making your own giffgaff heart. 


If a few of you are finding it difficult, we have a made a video to take you through step-by-step on how to make your own giffgaff heart, hope you enjoy Smiley Happy


Another bit of good news for you all is that the Lost and Stolen SIM packs (the Oops pack) will be delivered by 1st class post, so you won't have to wait too long Smiley Happy 


So watch out for the new pack designs that will be coming too you in the next few weeks. 





Surely that should be a tie-up with macramé, shouldn't it?! Smiley Wink

cool loving the new designs

Just spotted this, very nice.

Real missed the old envalops,

Current ones were a back words step. But thease are Way Coool.

Great Choice and welcom back origami.


Are the new ones going to come with flyers attached like the current crop?


first class would be good fot the oops pack, a well done by giffgaff!

The new deigns are great. The only problem is that your address is on the back of the top sim. So giving this one out means some gets your address also. This needs to be looked at. But I must a great move forward
Naiha, any chance of an update on what's happening at the new warehouse? SIMs are taking DAYS (even weeks!) just to be dispatched, let alone delivered!

i've made it but am i meant to be oing something with it now?


So addictive to make! Smiley Very Happy


Smiley Very Happy