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News about our launch of Blackberry.

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I mentioned in my blog on Tuesday that we’d be looking at the timing of our Blackberry launch given the website capacity problems we have been experiencing over the last few weeks. Our concern is that the demand for Blackberry could make matters worse if we launched when the site is less than perfect.


So we’ve conducted the review today and we’ve made a decision to delay the launch of Blackberry for a short time.


This means we’ll have more time to concentrate on making improvements to the site and improving availability additionally as Payback is essential to our members and our business we didn’t want to put the delivery date of this at risk– the “pre selection” window will open as planned on the 24th November, .


The good news is that the development project for Blackberry has gone very well and as of today the project has a green status – this means that all of the computer coding and testing has gone well and we’re confident that everything else is ready to support it,  we've just got to switch it on. 


The bad news is that a significant upgrade to our website to guarantee the capacity we need cannot be made until 1stDecember. The improvements in capacity we've made already are having an impact - but not enough for us to be 100% sure that we can cope with the extra demand from Blackberry.


So it is with regret that we’ve decided to delay the launch of Blackberry services until after the upgrade on 1st December.


Fortunately we will be able to deploy the computer code this month and “mask” the Blackberry options on our website – so once the capacity upgrade has gone in and we’re confident it is working well - we’ll be able to switch Blackberry on soon after.


We feel it would not be right to commit to an exact launch date yet as we want to make sure that the changes will do what they’re intended to, and so we’ll announce the exact date in a further update after 1st December.


I know that many of you have been waiting a long time and will be disappointed by this news but I hope you can appreciate that we have to put the concerns of our existing customers first and want to make sure that those already on giffgaff get the best experience possible.


We understand delaying Blackberry is frustrating but I ask you to try and continue to be patient in the knowledge that we are 100% committed to launching Blackberry and are working very hard on making sure that when we do, it will be an enjoyable and smooth experience – for all our members.


[Edit - as of the 2nd of December, a new update on the Blackberry Launch from the gaffer is available here]

thanks for the update

Thanks for keeping us updated.


I think most people saw this coming.  It makes sense to fix the current problems to my mind.

Sounds like the sensible thing to do. If you had of released it on the 24th November and there would have been problems it would probably have to take it offline again. Better to get it right 1st time. I applaud you're decision,
rocket scientist

Thanks for this, the right thing to do, since the problems would have filled up the help board, bit of a shame, since answerig all the questions could get you Band 1Smiley Very Happy

Very wise decision indeed Mike. Thinking ahead. I'm sure the BB users won't mind a week or so of a delay. Least the service will be stabalized, and then the BB services will be implemented. Kudos to you good sir.
Totally understandable ......giffgaff has gone a bit down the pan recently especially data speeds to non existant Good news that you are committed to sorting out the current problems before releasing such a big project such as blackberry services
rocket scientist

Thanks for the update Smiley Happy


Good luck with getting the website back on track


it makes sense to fix the current problems 



Absolutely the correct decision.

The existing problems must be sorted out first and then once that is all running sweetly, then move onto BB.


Thanks for letting us know.

Far more worthwhile making sure that the services you currently offer are up to scratch before introducing new ones. Completely agree. It also makes our job on the forums easier when we deal with less complaints Smiley Happy Keep the information coming.