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No-sting value from giffgaff – say hello to goodybags

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Don’t you just hate it when you buy something and it turns out to be not what you expected – especially when it was really hard to choose the thing you bought in the first place?


You know, its things like clothes that look great – until you wash them for the first time,  or buying an album because you liked the single - and finding that ALL the other tracks are rubbish.


When we launched last year we started a dialogue with our members about pricing and the strong messages we got were “keep it simple”,  “just tell it how it is” and “don’t call something unlimited unless it really is”


We were also asked if we could bundle up calls and texts and data into packages  - but in a way that didn’t punish customers if they got the choice wrong.


So I’m happy to announce the launch of our goodybags – which we think are the simplest, fairest and best value packages out there.


Here they are….


£5 buys unlimited texts for a month.


£10 buys 100 minutes plus unlimited texts and unlimited mobile internet for a month.


£15 buys 300 minutes plus unlimited texts and mobile internet for a month.


£35 buys unlimited calls, texts and mobile internet for a month.


There’s no long term contract to sign, no credit check and no nasty sting-in-the-tail, overpriced, “out of bundle” rates when you’ve used up your allowances – just our great value 8p call and 4p text rates.


If you’re an existing customer simply log-in and go to the top-up page to choose your goodybag – and if you’re new to giffgaff you’ll get the chance to choose one during your SIM activation.


Enjoy – and don’t forget to leave your feedback  in our forum.

Sorry, not interested. £10 for unlimited mobile internet? Not while 3 offer a reasonable 2GB for £5 for a month. I thought gg were going to be different - it turns out they are the same.
And I should add, gg still haven't posted prices for out-of-goody bag mobile internet. I wonder why not?

Yes £10 per month is a lot for those users who just use a few megs per month checking email and RSS feeds. You say "no nasty sting-in-the-tail, overpriced, “out of bundle” rates when you’ve used up your allowances – just our great value 8p call and 4p text rates." - so how much is data going to cost if you don't have a bundle? That's a key question, because at the moment it sounds more expensive than 3 (as the the previous poster, julian, mentioned). Also, can I ask if the free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts will continue?


@julian Yes they have. It's 50p for 100MB to last that day.

handy giff-staffer


Remember that the £10 goodybag also includes unlimited text messaging and 100 minutes of calls to UK landlines or mobile......


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Hi desreid - yes giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts are still free if you top-up at least £10 every 90 days. On the goodybag the calls to giffgaff will not come out of your bundle.


geekonthepc has answered your data question.

@geekonthepc. Sorry, where is it mentioned that is 50p/day for internet (still £15 per month, so not good value)? On the 50p/day is only listed for Vodafone (presumably as an example of bad value). I must have missed it for gg.

If you want a data only SIM, then the new goodybags may not meet your needs but if you use your mobile to make calls and text (call me crazy) then £10 is great and £35 all you can eat is pretty good as well.


Well done Giff Gaff.

@geekonthepc - Oops - found the 50p mention on - sorry. I wonder why it isn't on the prices page?

Yes, I'd noticed that the £10 bag includes calls and texts, but in a way that's the problem. There is no mention yet of being able to buy just data on its own. Giffgaff is already good value for calls and texts, I don't particularly need a bundle of free ones.


So, if we just look at data costs you are actually not competitive for a user like me (unless there is more to announce of course?). A user like me is someone that uses some data every day, but not very much. So, I either pay £10 per month, which is a lot to just check email and the odd news story, and is more expensive than 3 mobile. Or, I pay the 50p per day, assuming that geekonthepc is correct, (£15 per month) which is what I was paying on Vodafone.


If I was using gigabytes per day, those prices would be pretty good, but I'm not. It feels like there almost a penalty for low use here.  As you'll notice from my comment that you were good enough to post on your homepage, the reason I moved to giffgaff was data costs. Sounds like that reason is going away. Any plans to cater for this kind of low level, but regular use that is so common amongst PAYG customers?