Nokia Lumia 710 review

Nokia Lumia 710 review

by handy giff-staffer victoriatagg on ‎25-02-2012 10:00 - last edited on ‎23-06-2014 14:04 by zobia22 (2,361 Views)



The Nokia Lumia 710 is the second Windows Phone handset to launch in the UK. It offers many of the features of the Lumia 800, including a 3.7-inch screen and 1Ghz processor, but the price has recently dropped to £200 sim free. Let's take a look at what it offers...




How do Nokia Maps available on the Lumia 710 and 800 compare with other Mobile Maps?


Find out about the differences when you compare the Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800.


Do you have a Nokia Lumia 710?  Should it be in our top 10 mid-range handsets?  Tell us what you think of the new Windows phones in the comments below.

by scholar phil8715 scholar
on ‎25-02-2012 12:16
Looks like a great piece of kit. I'm thinking of buying one.
by jhon321
on ‎25-02-2012 13:57

Looks Rubbish get iphone or Blackberry.  Smiley Happy

by drlatheef
on ‎25-02-2012 15:41

I have an HTC Mozart and the main problems I find with it is that its Marketplace is extremely premature as it doesn't even have a data tracker app and in my opinion I feel that the live icons page should be atleast 2 pages long instead of one long list. 

Nokia have been very arrogant in sticking with the Symbian device for so long which have ruined their reputation. The first couple of WinPho models from Nokia have suffered major battery issues (probably because they haven't ever fitted such a powerful processor into an ordinary looking phone. 


by suppers_ready
on ‎25-02-2012 16:20

Seen someone on hukd saying he bought one on Vodafone for £150 + £10 top up. Has anyone else heard that rumour, or have a link. I can't find one.

by stealthybigboss2
on ‎25-02-2012 18:11
thanks might get one
by bradders989
on ‎26-02-2012 15:01
Lol looks ok might get one for my gf bd
by aaronjlaw
on ‎26-02-2012 19:36

Might be worth a go! Smiley Happy

by mrchriscouk
on ‎26-02-2012 22:15

got it, pleased with it but giffgaff sims dont have mms settings on them, so mms cannot be used and giffgaff will not contact  nokia as 'we are not a handset supplier' to get it added to an app download that has settings for O2, O2 PAYG and Tesco Smiley Sad

by vorb
on ‎27-02-2012 12:52

"Looks Rubbish get iphone or Blackberry."


I'd rather have this than a Blackberry any day.

by scholar phil8715 scholar
on ‎27-02-2012 17:09
I can confirm that Vodafone are selling the Nokia Lumia 710 for £150+£10 top up. I bought one this morning.
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