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Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Hands on review


We’re living in a time where people will not touch their food until they’ve taken a snap, they will not step outside the house until they’ve taken a selfie and will probably capture something completely random just for the sake of taking a picture. There are plenty of Instagram junkies out there but equally people that generally just want to take some really good photos; be it for memories, to share, to print, whatever. Pictures are a pretty big deal in this day and age and with Smartphone cameras demonstrating great potential it’s no surprise. But what’s better than an amazing camera? A camera with an incredible lens of course. There are a large number of different types you can get, which come in different sizes and a range of prices but generally price does reflect quality.



I’m very pleased with the iPhone 6s camera but I fancied purchasing a lens so I could take even better photos. I looked around and came across the Olloclip 4-in-1, an award winning Lens designed for the iPhone. Its lens options tickled my fancy so I went ahead and purchased it and I’m very glad I did.




The Olloclip comes packed with a pocket sized (2.62cm height / 5.38cm width) 4-in-1 lens (including Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 10x Macro and 15x Macro), three wearable pendants, a lanyard, a key chain, a carrying pouch and an iPhone 6s Plus insert (the iPhone 6s insert is pre-fitted).






The 4-in-1 lens is super easy to use, simply slide it on to your preferred side. You can choose to have the Fish eye for the front facing camera and the wide angle for the rear camera or vice versa. If you want to go for one of the Macro lenses instead then you simply unscrew the fish eye lens to make use of the 10x Macro lens or unscrew the wide angle one to really get up and close with the 15x Macro lens, remembering to place the lens cap/s on the other side to prevent accidentally touching the lens. When you’re done, just slide it off. Nice and easy.




This lens does not capture noticeable different images. At first glance, you only really notice the difference when you compare it to one taken without the lens but that’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a very useful lens because it captures at a much wider angle, as its name suggests, (almost double the field of view), meaning you get more in the photo. Not only is this handy for squeezing everything into a single shot but it helps take some incredible images of landscapes.


wideangle.jpgWide-Angle Shot




The Fish Eye lens offers fun imagery. It turns your photos into cool images where any objects in the center appear very large whilst anything outside bends into a spherical shape at the edges. With this lens you get a field of view of around 180 degrees, allowing you to create some captivating images, especially when you tilt your phone.


IMG_0953.JPGFish Eye shot


MACRO 10x & MACRO 15x


Think of the Macro lenses as a magnified glass; they enable you to capture great detail of an object or the subject in the photo. Designed for extreme close ups, you get real sharp quality, revealing details that the human eye cannot detect, which is very impressive. These lenses help bring things to life and it really is amazing just how much detail you get. Photos of eyes using the macro lens tend to be quite epic and spiders too.


The only tip I can give with the Macro lenses is that it’s best to use a small tripod for getting real sharp up-close shots just because it would make it easier to focus whilst steady. 


IMG_0904.JPGMacro Lens shot showing eyelashes in great detail

strawberry.jpgStrawberry up-close




The Olloclip 4-in-1 is good for anyone looking for a very decent lens at a reasonable cost. It is sold for £69.95 at Olloclip’s website and at Apple too. (Apple selling this must imply it’s good, right?) The good thing is that it can be used with the following iPhone models:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus

So if you’re thinking of switching to the Plus model or to the smaller model then the lens will not be useless as it can be used with either.


The following models are also compatible but using a different 4-in-1 lens which you can check out below:







I have to admit I was slightly nervous about how the lens would turn out because I’ve never really bought one before, despite seeing images taken from it online. But when it arrived, I was like a kid in a candy shop; super excited. Obviously I took photos of the box before unpacking it and then more photos of the product itself. I mean, that’s normal nowadays right? Smiley Tongue After a few camera clicks, I got down to business and boy was I impressed.


The Fish Eye lens is great for fun photos and could produce some really awesome imagery but it really depends on the location / view and your imagination. The wide angle is superb for taking photos of a large group of people or really amazing scenery, it is so useful and I tend to use that one the most. My favourites have got to be the Macro lenses though, purely because of the detail that they capture, like wow. Thanks to its pocket-size the Olloclip goes everywhere with me. After all, “The best camera is the one that’s always with you” Smiley Wink


What are your first impressions on this lens? (I'm not the best photographer out there but I will upload some better photos soon). Would you consider buying it? I’d love to know your thoughts below.



Thanks for reading Smiley Happy

- Sadia


Interesting write up thanks. The Olloclip looks quite a good quality product and you are absolutely right that the best camera is the one you have with you.


I have tried a cheapo lens set from eBay on an android phone - clearly not of the build quality of the Olloclip but a small fraction of the price. May be a good starting point for those who just want to play a bit and see if it is for them - the optical quality of the cheaper sets will never win any prizes though.


One thing worth bearing in mind - if you use a phone case, you may need to remove it to use a clip on lens.


I think these modular add on cameras will definitely become more popular in the future, but right now you'll look a bit funny walking down the street with the Olloclip attached to your iPhone 6/6s


@cim - Absolutely and thanks for mentioning it as I was meant to Smiley Happy My bad. The Olloclip Lens will not work with a case. It's made to fit the iPhone model as it is so any cases will need to be removed to use it. 


@s_pat - Maybe but maybe not with camera technology within smartphones developing but yes it does look funny, at least when its attached and not being used. I always take it off when I'm not using it though Smiley Tongue 



It reminds of me of the modular add-ons in the LG G5 where you can clip on additional camera controls. I think Sony have something similar to Olloclip.


Interesting bit of kit and not too expensive in the grand scheme of things. Ideal for the photo buff to mess about with I suppose.

Not really a replacement for a decent camera. The additional equipment needed to take macro photos negates the advantage of using a phone.

For £100 or less, it's worthwhile, any more than that, and you're better off with a standalone camera


@alexirving - I agree. I wouldn't spend £100 + for a lens. I got this one slightly cheaper from Amazon (£5 cheaper) Smiley Tongue 


@inspiron42 - No it's not a replacement but more an addition. I do believe with time smartphone cameras on their own will be enough to take all kinds of shots, macros included.

Macro photography requires very small apertures combined with fast shutter speeds which means lots of light. It is the development of more sensitive sensors that will allow macro photography to become easier, so in time we will see it becoming very possible with the simplest of cameras. We are a long way from that point though.

Interesting that there seems to be a marked demise in the sale digital cameras (and SLR's) for that matter, due mainly to the increased resolution and convenience of smartphone cameras. Then to start adding extra lenses seems a bit of a backward step. 


I think that the add-on lenses etc will soon find their way into a drawer or cupboard abandoned and gathering dust 


Good post @shadylady