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One of my favourite mobile apps ...

Things.jpgThis month I've decided to share my thoughts about one of my favourite mobile apps. If you have an iPhone your handset is probably crammed with apps by now, both free and paid for ones. Their usage likely varies from never to often but a few reach that exalted 'couldn't live without it' status. For me one of those apps is Things from Cultured Code. Most people can benefit from being better organised and if you're a mobile user, being able to access your outstanding tasks from anywhere is very handy. Things is a task manager, 'to do' or 'getting things done' app and comes in versions for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Being able to use Things on several devices is key to its importance to me. I store all my personal and business tasks in Things to remind me what I need to do each day and give me a view on 'things' I need to do in the future. 


Individual tasks can have a date associated with them or be flagged as 'next' or the vaguer 'someday'. A key feature for me is being able to link tasks to Projects. I've created Projects for all the activities I'm working on and I can very easily review where I am with the tasks associated with any Project. I also use Projects for personal activities so I have a Blogging project where I make a note of anything I might want to blog about. There is even an Inbox to add tasks to when you haven't decided what Project or date to associate them with. All completed tasks are logged with the date of completion so you have a permanent record of activities completed.


Things syncs across all your devices using WiFi. Cloud syncing is coming but Cultured Code has delayed this function to spend more time looking at how it can deliver the optimal experience to users. If you're interested in delving into the challenges of cloud sync have a look at the Cultured Code blog. Things isn't a cheap app, at £44.95 for the Mac version, £11.99 for the iPad and £5.99 for the iPhone; however it's worth every penny. I've tried different apps in the past for task management and Things is easily the best I've found. When cloud syncing arrives it will be unbeatable. I've got lots of great apps on my devices but Things fills a vital slot for me.


You can follow both @culturedcode and @sevendotzero on Twitter.


my favorite mobile application is SNAPTU.




Great app, will lookinto it as well.


I recommend Netqin mobile anti virus for  andriod phones it has it own firewall as well as its anti virus and malware protection top rated app and it free from market on your phone.


snaptu tbh ;D


SetCPU for android is my favourite. it's useful especially for android where you need to switch between power saving and performance, as you can over-clock or under-clock your processor. i got my orange san francisco (zte blade) working at 700 mhz without any problems Smiley Happy
only thing is you have to be careful because overclock it too much and your phone will switch off (overheats) so whatever you do, DON'T press "set at boot" untill you've tested it or you'll have to wipe your phone. Thankfully my phone memory was full and the app just happened to be installed on my memory card and i just had to boot up with the thing out, but it could have been nasty.

I tend to dislike any app that "organizes" things for you. they tend to run in the background and suck the life out of your battery and memory. that reminds me, another app i couldn't live without has to be advanced task killer. android unfortunately isn't designed to have apps switched off upon exiting and the feature is only there if the developer of the app chooses for it to be put in, otherwise you have to use the cumbersome android task killer and either kill everything (which you might not want to do) or kill tasks individually. ATK lets you select what to kill with checkboxes and do it that way, which is faster. Also it lets you kill bloatware on startup which is a godsend.


@makshud, seriously...?