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Our first giffgaff iPhone apps

former giff-staffer

Hi all,


Today I'm proud to announce the first two iPhone applications created by our community are now completed.


 confidence has created an iPhone application called Mygiffgaff which is a beautiful execution of a very useful program that allows you to check your giffgaff balance as well as see which goodybags you have active and which one you have queued up.




The application also allows you to send 'Spread the word' emails to your friends, with a slick interface which connects to us and even tells you how many points you've earned for sending that email!


And on top of that it has nicely integrated our new mobile forum into the application so you don't even have to leave the app to post and read all of the fantastic content on our forums and blogs.





































So simply go to the Apple store and search for 'Mygiffgaff' or 'giffgaff' and you find this app available for download. If you have any questions regarding the application you can of course simple send  confidence a private message or discuss the application here on the forums.


The second application that has been created by our community is a game whereby you have to bounce a giffgaff SIM as high as possible to get the best score.


 danielclo1il has created this fantastic game of which you can see a demonstration below.



This application can be found on the Apple store again by simply searching for giffgaff and should be available for download somewhere in the middle of next week.


So good luck with getting the best scores and if you have any questions I'm sure  danielclo1il will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have via private message or on the forums here.


So give it up for danielclo1il and confidence who have created these amazing applications and I for one can wait to see what other applications will be created in the future.


Android apps anyone? Smiley Wink






Great job, I love the app


is this application going to be made for other phones


I understand that other community members are writing apps for other phones yes.


This is what's so great about a community driven project! I can't wait to see the android version <3!


i need help my internet is not working? helpppp... xx


Another vote for this great App to be made available on the Android platform. Thanks... 


doesnt work on my 2g iphone.


Would be great if you could redeem/activate a topup voucher via the iphone app.

Is there any way the app which is utterly fantastic both visually and in ease of there anyway the app icon be changed to maybes a greyish square the same sort of grey you get in the app along with the giffgaff logo?