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Our service outage on Friday.

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As you will be aware we had a full service outage on Friday.  This was due to a major water leak at one of our third party suppliers which knocked out both our primary and backup systems. The outage began at 10.10am and lasted until just after 6pm, when calls, texts and data were working again.


During the outage we worked with our supplier to fix the problem as quickly as possible and made it our priority ensure that all our members were kept up to date with the latest developments.  We are extremely upset to have this happen to our members and are committed to doing our utmost to prevent issues like this from happening again.


I’m pleased to report that things ran smoothly over the weekend and we used the time to fully repair everything and tidy up individual problems caused by the outage. For the more technically minded, Nigel, our CTO , has started a thread in the community which will go into the detail of the outage and what we have done, and will be doing to prevent it’s recurrence.


This year, as we grow as a company, we are committed to making substantial investments in our infrastructure. Due to Friday’s outage we will be reviewing these plans with the intent of bringing forward investment in capacity and resiliency. I’d also like to assure you of our commitment to making the giffgaff experience as good as possible.


It has been amazing to see the messages of support and the suggestions that we should make a charitable donation as a way of making up for Friday’s outage.  We therefore intend to make a £10,000 donation to a charity of your choice.  The charities are ones you nominated for Payback in December  -  to vote just use the polling buttons on the main blog page before the end of the week.  


I feel conflicted about this one. I was travelling to London to work for the day when the service went down, and when my train was delayed, I was unable to get in touch with my employers either by phone or email to inform them that I would be late. It was massively inconvenient. I also couldn't check my train times upon return (as I would usually do this on my phone) and ended up missing my train. And while I appreciate that I could have found the National Rail Enquiries number at the station on arrival and taken note of it for use later... and then used a phone box etc etc... it would have taken a great deal of foresight to realise that this would be necessary. GiffGaff didn't inform customers that there was a problem until fairly late in the day, and so I, like many customers, assumed that it was a temporary thing. As it happened, I didn't have any service for the majority of Friday, and only intermittent service on Saturday.


After receiving the email from GiffGaff which informed us that they'd make it up to us, and that no one would be out of pocket, I did sort of assume that this would be the case. As the GoodyBags are only valid for a month, I was really expecting GiffGaff to extend them by two days. This seems like the only fair thing for them to do. But, for people who don't have GoodyBags, I guess it's a bit more complicated than that. Because how would the network calculate the individual value lost to each customer?


I'm happy that they're donating money to charity, but I don't think that lets them off the hook where customers are concerned. Being without any mobile service is very inconvenient for some people... and let's not forget that this is a service that we actually pay for.


It's a poor show, as far as I'm concerned.


I don't think that it is appropriate for me to have been deprived of the best part of a working day's service and then not to get any recompense other than the warm feeling that my service provider is giving a pile of money to a voted charity. 


I think that this suggestion of paying a charity is a kop-out by the GiffGaff company and an inappropriate approach to its customer base. 


If I bought (and remember that we pre-pay here!) any other good or service and it was not delivered due to an error on the part of the supplier (who on earth would not think about providing some sort of umbrella or covering over computers to prevent them getting wet in the event that the pipes to the cooling system burst! ) then some form of direct compensation would be expected.



Donation much the best way, that coupled with commitment to invest is very fair. Come on, it was one day. Remember how much you save over other networks.
@oldyorkie... Why were you pleaseđ to see bi comp. For giffgaffers? Class traitor...

Sorry don't mean to be heartless, but I had no working phone Friday which caused me a lot of problems!  A pay for a service which I expect to run 24/7 365 days a year, with 366 days being a leap year.  I want to be compensated for loss of service and troubled caused to me.


I don't know if I'm looking in the right places, but more people want to be compensated rather then the money going elsewhere.  So where have you got this information from GG?  


Yeah by all means pay £10,000 to charity, if you intend to, but compensate us too.



That's well good let's make a difference, I'm glad to be part of a network that isn't all for itself! Smiley Happy
No comp. Sorry typo. He's still a twa.! T

the only reason i was peeved was because i had to ring the doctors for an emergancy appointment for my daughter and couldnt ring them up cause my fone was off  and the only other phone in my house was on giffgaff so that wasnt working either ! 


Giffgaff didn't let me down, @wze3369.  I had data still available.  I had no phone calls or text messages.  So what did I do?  I used another provider.  How much business did I lose this time?  None.  How much in profit did I lose?  None.  Why?




The network didn't let me down.  The network didn't let anyone down.  They were let down by their providers.  WE were let down by their providers.  If anyone should be compensating us, it should be giffgaff's providers, not giffgaff.

A charity donation is a good idea. Can I suggest the 10k is split between the five charities, each share based on a percentage of the final vote tally. For example, if the Air Ambulance gets 30% of the votes it gets £3000. This way every charity gets some help.