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Our service outage on Friday.

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As you will be aware we had a full service outage on Friday.  This was due to a major water leak at one of our third party suppliers which knocked out both our primary and backup systems. The outage began at 10.10am and lasted until just after 6pm, when calls, texts and data were working again.


During the outage we worked with our supplier to fix the problem as quickly as possible and made it our priority ensure that all our members were kept up to date with the latest developments.  We are extremely upset to have this happen to our members and are committed to doing our utmost to prevent issues like this from happening again.


I’m pleased to report that things ran smoothly over the weekend and we used the time to fully repair everything and tidy up individual problems caused by the outage. For the more technically minded, Nigel, our CTO , has started a thread in the community which will go into the detail of the outage and what we have done, and will be doing to prevent it’s recurrence.


This year, as we grow as a company, we are committed to making substantial investments in our infrastructure. Due to Friday’s outage we will be reviewing these plans with the intent of bringing forward investment in capacity and resiliency. I’d also like to assure you of our commitment to making the giffgaff experience as good as possible.


It has been amazing to see the messages of support and the suggestions that we should make a charitable donation as a way of making up for Friday’s outage.  We therefore intend to make a £10,000 donation to a charity of your choice.  The charities are ones you nominated for Payback in December  -  to vote just use the polling buttons on the main blog page before the end of the week.  


Why can't each user say "Once" if they agree with compensation is due or not.

Or say "Once" if they agree it should go to Charity or not.


Is there any need or point to shoot down other users for their own thoughts and feelings?


Say your piece once and move on for god sake!


@syorksdeano i disagree with your statement of comparing buses. Gg chose the o2 network gg chose its third party suppliers. So anything goes on or happens with the third party that directly effects gg is gg issue. i aint bothered about where the money goes but some accounability is needed. On friday they promised via tweeting and in updates they would promise to recompense customers due to the outage. Page two someone has copied and pasted the comments. Since when giving to charity recompensing customers. Its all good giving to charity no issues on that but its a terrible issue on retracting promises given when it happened. Thats why gripe with it.



I don't think that giffgaff had a choice regarding using 02 as a network provider and I can only assume that they also didn't have the choice on the third party suppliers (but I maybe wrong on the third party bit)


I'm all for donating to charity but how exactly is giving £10,000 to charity making up for a full day without calls, texts and internet.


It's kind of like taking something back to a supermarket and being refused a refund and instead it being given to the dogs home. I'm sorry but a lot of us help run giffgaff when we can. Not pleased.


I have a 3 week old son and we were going to meet friends on friday but because of the outage we couldn't get hold of each other. Both my wife and I are on giffgaff. I am just glad nothing happenend when we were out.


Sort it out guys!


Lets not forget that giffgaff said that they would 'make it up' to people and have made a donation to a charity.  For all we know they may have something else planned.  Last year they had goodybags at half price so for all we know, a promotion maybe just around the corner.


I doubt it very much like but you never know


Hi this is the 1st time I have posted anything on the forums but I felt asthough as I am also a giffgaff customer I had to say something about the outage last Friday. While I think it's good to donate to charity especially Macmillan Cancer Support I feel you should also give something back to us your customers for the inconvenience caused, perhaps giffgaff could consider giving all there customers an extra bonus point or something.






That is the thing what people don't realise.  Whilst they are posting on the community and discussing matters they are earning payback points, so in a way they are receiving compensation just for having a discussion about compensation.  Chances are they will receive a lot more in payback than they would if compensation was paid outright

my phone is not sending texts or calling has there been another shortage because my goodybag hasnt ran out yet?

I don't have any problem here in Sheffield weemeek so it could be a local issue where you are.  Have a look at to see if your area has any problems


Didn't notice, just enjoyed a few hours peace and quiet! You would think some people had had their life support cut! Quite happy that GG have chosen a donation, and lets hope it goes to a good cause. And frankly its refreshing to see a company make a decsion based on a more community minded vision, than bowing to whingers scrabbling around to get their few pounds back!