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Our service outage on Friday.

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As you will be aware we had a full service outage on Friday.  This was due to a major water leak at one of our third party suppliers which knocked out both our primary and backup systems. The outage began at 10.10am and lasted until just after 6pm, when calls, texts and data were working again.


During the outage we worked with our supplier to fix the problem as quickly as possible and made it our priority ensure that all our members were kept up to date with the latest developments.  We are extremely upset to have this happen to our members and are committed to doing our utmost to prevent issues like this from happening again.


I’m pleased to report that things ran smoothly over the weekend and we used the time to fully repair everything and tidy up individual problems caused by the outage. For the more technically minded, Nigel, our CTO , has started a thread in the community which will go into the detail of the outage and what we have done, and will be doing to prevent it’s recurrence.


This year, as we grow as a company, we are committed to making substantial investments in our infrastructure. Due to Friday’s outage we will be reviewing these plans with the intent of bringing forward investment in capacity and resiliency. I’d also like to assure you of our commitment to making the giffgaff experience as good as possible.


It has been amazing to see the messages of support and the suggestions that we should make a charitable donation as a way of making up for Friday’s outage.  We therefore intend to make a £10,000 donation to a charity of your choice.  The charities are ones you nominated for Payback in December  -  to vote just use the polling buttons on the main blog page before the end of the week.  


People keep saying £10,000 is a lot.


It is, to an individual, when they compare it to their yearly salary.


But for a big company, it's nothing.


I don't know how many customers giffgaff have, but someone in the comments above says 400,000. And assuming everyone is paying about 33p per day for a goodiebag, that's


0.33p x 400,000 = £132,000


So instead of paying back your customers £132,000, you are taking the cheaper option of the lowest possible 5 digit number £10,000 tio charity.


It's not enough BY FAR.


Far from charity, it's a business decision to minimise how much it costs the company. And how to appease a good number of customers.


Make it £100,000 giffgaff and show your customers you aren't just doing this to save your company money!

My GG Still Isnt Working!
Great idea....can't find where I vote though?
I for one am totally unhappy with this. The compensation should be towards the people that is affected i.e. the Giffgaff users not a charity...

OK, i think while GG's intention of donating to charity is a nice gesture, but i do think something should be done/given or something to us that had the outage.

My mobile is my lifeline.  I couldnt contact anybody and im disabled and pretty much stranded.  My mum lives on the mainland UK (im in NI) and i couldnt reach her.  she had to call the doctor for test results, but as she was at work she wasnt aware of the outage, i couldnt get in touch to tell her, so she had to wait the whole weekend to find out what the test results are.


I think thats highly unfair -already worried, she didnt know what was going on with the phone and had to wait till today to find out the results.


Like i say, its nice of GG to donate, but do they not realise how much of a big deal a whole day without being able to contact anyone is for some of us. 



There's nothing else they can do really; it would be unrealistic and tbh unnecessary to compensate every (or any) member. It's great to see that they're working so hard to "pay for" their mistake and ensure it doesn't happen again Smiley Happy I love giffgaff <3
Well as the charitydonation will probably go down as a tax write off, GG isn't really losing any money.
I honestly think that as we are your customers I'f there is a problem there should have been some communication before hand. There are many people who are not happy and I am one, I believe we should get some sort of incentive or credit. Regards

stupid idea, we were affected not the flaming charities



I think you should think of your customers first. I was massively exposed without a phone on Friday.


Either compensate them or put the money towards an infrastructure that doesn't fail.

It sounds like all your technology eggs are in one basket. You need an effective disaster recovery intrastructure and strategy.


Once that's in place charity can be thought about.