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Our service outage on Friday.

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As you will be aware we had a full service outage on Friday.  This was due to a major water leak at one of our third party suppliers which knocked out both our primary and backup systems. The outage began at 10.10am and lasted until just after 6pm, when calls, texts and data were working again.


During the outage we worked with our supplier to fix the problem as quickly as possible and made it our priority ensure that all our members were kept up to date with the latest developments.  We are extremely upset to have this happen to our members and are committed to doing our utmost to prevent issues like this from happening again.


I’m pleased to report that things ran smoothly over the weekend and we used the time to fully repair everything and tidy up individual problems caused by the outage. For the more technically minded, Nigel, our CTO , has started a thread in the community which will go into the detail of the outage and what we have done, and will be doing to prevent it’s recurrence.


This year, as we grow as a company, we are committed to making substantial investments in our infrastructure. Due to Friday’s outage we will be reviewing these plans with the intent of bringing forward investment in capacity and resiliency. I’d also like to assure you of our commitment to making the giffgaff experience as good as possible.


It has been amazing to see the messages of support and the suggestions that we should make a charitable donation as a way of making up for Friday’s outage.  We therefore intend to make a £10,000 donation to a charity of your choice.  The charities are ones you nominated for Payback in December  -  to vote just use the polling buttons on the main blog page before the end of the week.  


And ?WHY? should they do that ?!

what would that give the current 100,000+++++++++ users ?! What is the actual point in splitting that between people, what is it going to do for your pathetic egos to recieve £1 or even less?!?!


Let the money go to where it can do some good ... if you dont like it, leave giffgaff .. its better off without you !


give it to charity but split it equally between all 5 so they get 2 grand each i will sleep better knowing that instead of compensating me the funds have gone towards saving a life or at least prolong a life so they have longer with their family sod all the moaners compensation.............bloody cheek 

Although charity is a good suggestion what do your customers get for the inconvienience they occured. This is absolute bull**bleep**. We WANT compensation. I had important deals going down on friday involving important contracts for my business and giff gaff f***ed that up. Resulting in me buying an o2 micro sim and having to top it up.

The customers got the FASTEST possible resolve, an apology AND excellent customer service during this episode!


GiffGaff DID NOT **** it up ... and if you had to go buy a sim, whoopy do .. did you ever say that BEFORE giffgaff was around and you lost your signal ?!


No ... did you heck .. seriously, GIVE THE GUYS A BREAK AND GROW UP !!


if your in business and you only got 1 number/point of contact you an idiot full stop now stop whinning and grow up what do the adults say........................dont cry over spilt milk

Exactly! We all have landlines and email and Facebook and there still are pay phones x people kicking off........ Too pathetic.
£10k is a lot of money Donating is a lot of effort Well done Giffgaff what a great cause!

vendogg, that is a more common sense proposition than giving it away to something totally unrelated. In any case GG should not even consider making the thought to give money to charity for an unrelated case. To give out of the blue for no reason other than to give is another matter all together.

I still haven't got data. My account still tells me I have. Anyone else got the same problem?
Good old English attitude of "mustn't grumble", if ppl don't say they're not happy no lessons would be learnt...