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Outage Update: Next Steps

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I mentioned in my Update blog on Friday, when we apologised for last week’s outages, that we have been looking at how we can begin to make amends. I can reassure you that the necessary work has been completed to restore resilience and we remain committed with the resources in place to upgrade the network at a pace consistent with our member growth.


From the feedback we have received from members who were impacted it’s clear there are two opinions, those who would like to receive an amount of credit by way of an apology and those who would simply prefer us to accelerate investment in the giffgaff member experience.


Given the unique circumstances of the last week I have decided to set aside a budget and I would like your help in determining how it is spent.


As a member, you will receive a survey email by Wednesday in which we will ask you to select whether you would like:


a) A goodwill credit by way of an apology (up to a maximum of £5) or;


b) The budget to be spent on continuing to improve our member experience.


After you’ve registered your choice we will calculate how the budget is split between credits and new member experience initiatives by dividing the budget by the number of members who have responded. Only members who vote for a credit will receive a credit. We hope in this way, those wanting credit and those who do not, will each benefit from this process.


Again I would like to stress I’m confident we are making the right amount of investment in our core systems, if you chose not to receive a credit this is an opportunity to help accelerate our investment in member experience.


We will confirm the results of the survey and the decisions we have taken as a result on Tuesday 15th October and those members who have requested a credit will receive it by 25th October.


For more information on how this will work click here.


Thank you for your patience and support.






Thank you for your comments, having read through them there are a couple of points I'd like to clarify.


Goodwill credits


The value of the goodwill credit is calculated based on the total budget set aside divided by the number of members who vote.  Responses are already running high so to manage expectations the final credit for each member who has selected this option will be less than £5.


What we mean by ‘member experience’


As mentioned above, we aren’t talking about core network systems, we have an upgrade plan that we are committed to that won’t be impacted by the outcome of this vote.  In this context we are defining ‘member experience’ as the kind of initiatives that add extra value, for example the ideas that come up in the Community Ideas board to make the giffgaff experience better.  We allocate space on our development roadmap to implement these ideas but of course the number we implement is constrained by the amount of resource we are able to allocate.  With extra funding we can bring in more developers, allowing us to ‘accelerate our investment in member experience’.


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I presume this is on top on any refund or money that someone had been out of pocket with due to bank charges etc that are proved to be directly linked to overcharging issues. I know we all do not wish the £5 in my house.
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I think there should be a third option where you can select to have your £5 given to a charity or something

I think that is an intelligent and elegant solution - thinking outside the box again Smiley Happy
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I had to post to make 3 VIG's in a rowSmiley Very Happy



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Gg give plenty to charity in this case I would think that suggestion would not go down that well it was highly criticised before and a lot of people have been put our by this outage it's fair they get something back to them.
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@pinkcalculator - yes, this is completely separate from any out-of-pocket refunds for those people who were overcharged for any reason. Members who were overcharged have been [or soon will be] refunded through separate processes.

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Maybe that can be added to the op as lots of members don't seem to know that even though I think a txt may have gone out.
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But Sandra the £5 won't cover bank charges, and to be honest the full 100% would be better spent improving the systems because if it happens again through under investment in the systems then we'll just end up back here again, although I do hope this isn't the case. Smiley Wink
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John out of pocket refunds is seperate and on addition to this £5 max For some people they feel they deserve the money for the hassle and that's fair enough.