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Hello everyone,


Recently we held a packaging competition, which was a real success. Because there are so many of you who are creative buds we thought we would open this blog for those of you who want to continue designing envelopes for us, as we will be changing our envelope designs around every so often, new and funky designs are always welcome and you can be as creative as you like.


Remember, this is not a competition just a place where you can send your designs and like last time together with our design agency we will decide our favourites. Being giffgaff, the best ones will get rewarded if your design is chosen to be printed; these will be decided on an ongoing basis.


To help keep our brand as perfect as possible we want to share with you a few of our brand guidelines when producing design work.


1)      Keeping in line with the logo, the slogan underneath the logo shouldn’t run past the giffgaff text, it should be in line like this.






2)     Also bear in mind that giffgaff logo should be in black or white not any other colours.

3)     g in giffgaff should always be in small caps not large caps

4)     You should use pixels incorporated in your design, ideally all pixels should be the same size and some  

grouped  together and some out there on their own.



We look forward to receiving new designs in from you all! Have fun being creative!


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Im not very creative but their are many people on giffgaff that are

Im not creative or technically gifted, so it wont be possible for me to submit, but I think on the inside of the packaging should be some sort of useful information such as key shortcodes, and not just pretty patterns.

Hope we get some cool designs on the go.



Hi naiha,


Isn't there some guidline as to the printable area on the envelope itself too?


Cheers, andy


And also some logos, and designs, you can get from this thread?


Hope that helps,




Great comp. Nice will realy put my ideas forward.

Was sad to see the only envalope to go tho.



i like it how it is lol

its nice the way it is! 


Where can you download the FONT for free??