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Payback December 2015: Members earn £3.3 million

former giff-staffer

Hi Everyone,


It’s time to spread the Payback love for the 12th occassion. Time flies, doesn’t it? You’ve

collectively earned a whopping £3.3 million – a record breaking amount. And it means that

more cash is being paid out than ever before across PayPal, credit and charity.


You’ve grafted

Whether it’s bringing your friends or family on board, right across the country folk are

experiencing giffgaff all because of you. That’s why it’s time to give a big thumb-up.


Our top earner this Payback period is one of our Super Recruiters who has earned over an

amazing £80,000 by helping spread the giffgaff word. Now that’s impressive! You too can

get involved by simply referring your friends & family, or even going above and beyond with

our Super Recruiter programme, to start building towards the next Payback period already.


Meanwhile, we must doff our hats to your commitment to helping fellow members – it’s

simply brilliant. You’re gone to great lengths to ensure others get the best possible

experience. Whether that’s helping newbies, overcoming service issues or inspiring us with

your ideas – you make the giffgaff community the best in the land.


Enjoy your Payback

Please pat yourself on the back. It’s great to hear your Payback stories – from buying weird

and wonderful Christmas gifts, spending it on loved ones – or even donating your hard-

earned cash to good causes.


Thank you

Over 25,000 of you took part to nominate five charities for Payback donations. In the event,

Mind and Shelter became your chosen charities to be the main beneficiaries.


And we are delighted to say that they will each receive £40,755. But you can still donate to

any of the nominated charities via JustGiving.


The top five members who chose to donate their Payback to charity, each gave a very

generous average of £222. Nice one.


Bring on 2016. We can’t wait.

Loving it loving it loving it gaffxmas Smiley Happy
ace of spades
Wow 80k amazing Giffgaff is amazing . So we'll to the whole community from top to bottom And a happy Christmas or holiday time 👍👍👍
This is such a brilliant scheme, £80k that's amazing. And I'm glad to hear that we can do a little something to help make a difference to others. Thank you Giffgaff for organising this amazing initiative. Merry Christmas to you all!

Congrats to all Payback earners! And big thanks to giffgaff!

Thank you giffgaff for payback, congrats to everyone who earnt a lot and to everyone who donated, would love to make 80K myself hehe
Well done to all concerned.

That really is a quite eye-popping amount - £3.3 million? Wow. Nothing compares.


ace of spades
Interesting that Payback 2.0 has generated the biggest Payback payout yet! Unless of course there was more recruitment in the last period than ever before (as the record £80K might testify).
Absolutely disgraceful. 80k to charity from a pot of 3.3 million? 80k for one member. You should be ashamed of yourselves!.
But its been earnt lawfully so its deserved i reckon.