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Payback stories (Vlog by @zoeawesome)

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Hi Community!


It’s definitely an exciting time around the community at the moment as Payback pay out is almost here!

Over the last few years, myself and the other vloggers have done some past blogs on how we spent ours, this video summarises my payback adventures and a few more examples from our other bloggers, enjoy! 



Here are the links to the blog (& vlogs) mentioned:

Remember that giffgaff matches the amount of payback chosen to go to charity by their members so the total donation is doubled! If you are taking your payback as cash and still wish to donate part of it, you can do so by using the giffgaff Just Giving page.


Please share your payback plans with us in @christian_b's 'Share your stories' thread, i'll see you over there!


Until next time,



I don’t normally blog, but I have to give Giffgaff a big thumbs up, I have a iPhone 4 that was an o2 phone which meant I could setup a personal hotspot.

This morning I revived a carrier update with allowed me to do it.

I’m very much grateful to Giffgaff as it allows me to use my other devices on my travels

Please keep up the great work you are doing.


Thanks for sharing!  Smiley Happy


Great vlog and great payback stories...keep them coming! Smiley Happy

@zoeawesome Glad to hear that you're spending giffgaff payback on travelling! A worthwhile pursuit.


I'm trying to build up payback to help pay for my next major electronics purchase - I'm not sure if this will be a smartphone, tablet or PC, but it will be one of the 3!

That's a good idea on how to spend your payback points. I'm kind of new to giffgaff and I only just found out about these payback system but it seems great!

Good stories, thanks fore sharing. Unfortunately I'm pretty boring with regards to how I spend my payback, I just use it on odds and sods I buy on ebay.

Nice. Thanks for sharing!
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So there was a vlog from Edinburgh Zoo and a vlog from Amsterdam ... where was the vlog from your driving lessons?! Smiley Indifferent That could've been very entertaining - your instructor could've done the filming. Smiley Tongue (Well done on passing your test. Smiley Happy)


Enjoy your returns to Amsterdam and Edinburgh. Smiley Happy


I'll be donating a little bit of my payback to one of the charities that didn't come in the top 3 in the voting (so won't automatically be receiving anything from payback or ChariTEE), and then just leaving the rest in the bank (how boring! Smiley Tongue) - it'll come in useful one day, I'm sure! Smiley Wink

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@alicepowell: PANDA ALERT!! Smiley Very Happy (Note also the link below the video to the full-length panda vlog. Smiley Wink) Oh, and you also get a mention in this vlog here. Smiley Wink (So does @datamuncher.)