Paying back nearly £2million to our members

Paying back nearly £2million to our members

by jenniferho on ‎14-06-2013 17:19 - last edited on ‎28-08-2014 09:10 by zobia22 (4,540 Views)

giffgaff means ‘mutual giving’, which means as you help us grow, the amount of Payback grows. This Payback has been the biggest ever with almost £2 million going back to our members. We must say a HUGE THANK YOU to our lovely members for all your hard work in recruiting new members, helping members in the community and just generally for helping make giffgaff Payback such a huge success. 


Members earning Payback have the choice to take their earned Payback as credit, a cash payment (via PayPal) or donating it to the Community selected charities.


Many of you generously chosen to donate your money to this year’s Community selected charities – Great Ormond Street Hospital and Water Aid. We had triple (almost 36,000) the amount of members getting involved in the voting process compared to last Payback in Dec – absolutely amazing to see so many members getting involved. This time round, members donated £12.2k and with giffgaff matching the donation, we will be donating a total of £24.3k to our chosen charities.


If you still want to get involved, we’ve set up a JustGiving page for those that wanted to give a little something back, they’ll be open for a little bit longer. Find out more about how you can text in your donation here on Hazel’s blog.


Once again, a huge thank you to all of you who have helped giffgaff, we hope you enjoy your Payback. Let us know what you have been saving your Payback for and how you will enjoy it. It’s always great to hear how you’ve all been treating yourselves.


For more information about the process of Payback, see this post where it explains how it is sent out and what to do if you have any questions.

by liamkhan
on ‎14-06-2013 17:24
That really is amazing! Thank you giffgaff and I look forward to future payback! Smiley Very Happy
by stealthybigboss
on ‎14-06-2013 18:06
Nice! and thanks Smiley Happy
by brulaw
on ‎14-06-2013 18:42

That's a heck of a lot of money  , well done giffgaff and well done gifgaffers ..... 

by _trouble
on ‎14-06-2013 19:09

I missed out on payback this time and hope to qualify next time. Well done to giffgaff for the amount paid to members and more importantly (in my opinion) the amounts given to charity.

by dragon84
on ‎14-06-2013 19:30

That is awesome. Great to see Great ormond street get such a nice amount it is so deserving. WOW nearly 2 million   that is staggering. Well done us.

by twinks
on ‎14-06-2013 19:52 we get notification that payback has been transferred to our PayPal account?  ...

by joolzian
‎14-06-2013 19:56 - edited ‎14-06-2013 19:57

Nearly £25K to charity  is great and total payback incredible.

Thanks for my share.Smiley Happy


Edit  @ twinks    paypal send an email.

by caerel
on ‎14-06-2013 20:04

i have actually had a very hard 6 months and still more to come, i have been trying to keep a family of 6 on as little as (and at its very most) 124 pounds a month, so i selected my payback as credit. so i can still be sure to keep in contact with the giffgaff community. and try my hand at helping out where i can, thank you for my payback giffgaff, i appreciated it alot.

by thanos23
on ‎14-06-2013 20:16

Thanks for the payback!  One of many reasons to love GG!

by giffgaff; ergo sum bertiebat
on ‎14-06-2013 20:22

What a big payout and I do hope to see the amounts given to the giffgaff charities growing.  The charity aspect of giffgaff and matching the amounts has always been something that I've enjoyed about giffgaff. Smiley Happy


Well done to those that have already given some or all of their payback to the giffgaff charities but disappointed that if everyone of those 36,000 that voted had actually given in some form to the giffgaff charities it only amounts to around 35p each. Smiley Sad


For those that received payouts in cash or credit please do think of adding a donation via the link or by texts and show that giffgaffers are really a nice and charitable bunch. Smiley Wink

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