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Paying back our members £250k, Help for Heroes to receive £5,607

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Payback is an important time on the giffgaff calendar, where we get to pay back our members for their contribution to helping us grow over the past 6 months. 


Today we're paying back our members over £250k, 1184 of our members selected to donate their payback to charity - as giffgaff is matching our members donations, we're pleased to announce Help for Heroes will receive a cheque for £5,607.50. 


Members can earn Payback points by helping out in the community and introducing friends to giffgaff, which twice a year they can turn into cash, credit or donation to the community chosen charity.


Some fun community statistics - which shows how great our community is and how committed our members are to helping each other out:


  • Since we launched our members have spent 21,379,455 minutes online, that's nearly 41 years! Over 1.5 million searches and over half a million posts have been made and over 100,000 kudos have been given out


  • Last month one member hardly slept spending over 15 hours a day online, another member read over 46,000 pages and another busy member posted nearly 3000 times


  • Incredibly for customer service, this means on average members are getting answers within 2 minutes of posting a question.

Our members are unbelievably handy - thanks from all the giffgaff team!


Phew, 3rd Payback down - roll on the next 6 months, hopefully we'll give away much more than £250k. 


Note for members expecting payback - we've just started sending through payments:

- Selected cash: PayPal will be in contact in the next couple of days via email you entered during the payback selection process, it takes a few days for the thousands of payments to flow through - keep an eye on your inbox.

- Selected credit: Credit will appear on your account in the next couple of days, it takes a few days for the thousands of payments to flow through.

- Selected charity: Thanks for your generosity, we'll be posting a cheque to Help for Heroes shortly.

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that's great news, good job giffgaff Smiley Happy

WICKED thanks so much giffgaff

"hopefully we'll give away much more than £250k."


hmm seems odd from a business... lol

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... but we're not your run of the mill type of business 


likes this


Great news
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well my guess is if they are giving away more than £250k that means that their member base has grown...and that means more income too!


"... but we're not your run of the mill type of business "


haha great stuff ! Smiley Wink


Give the computer processing the paypal payments a kick, to hurry it up! Smiley Wink


Great read this. Im astonished at the amount of time some people have spent on here. And yeah we're very handy, thanks for saying Claire Smiley Very Happy