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Paying back over £250,000 to our members

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It’s that time again when we reward our members for all the things you do to help us thrive and grow.


This is our third Payback, and this time we are so pleased to be paying back a total of over £250,000 to over 34,000 members. Our  top earner this payback period will receive over £3,000!


If you are one of those 34,000 you now have until midnight 14th June to let us know how you would like your payback – cash, credit or a donation to charity.


Our community-chosen charity ‘Help for Heroes’ will be this Payback’s recipient for those that select charity as their payment choice – and as previous times, giffgaff will match any donations.


A special thank you to our top community points earners, who’ve earned points by helping other members on the forum and helping giffgaff staff in many other ways as well (developing the old app here and there, developing guides etc. There are so many members who are invaluable – a special thanks to just a few: andy0, aks782, darrenpainter, jonmc95, wilky, jamesdn, jamesd2010 and rudedog. 


The other way to earn points is helping giffgaff to grow.  Recently the rate of growth has been unprecedented and this is due to our members spreading the word, on blogs, forums, facebook, twitter and just down the pub. Again there are too many individuals to name everyone, but special thanks  go to our top “friend connectors”: aks782 (again), sonesor, darrenpainter (again), uzzyy, kelvinlewis, iszomltd, joshwally and hou.


Thanks to everyone who has earned points this Payback period (December 2010 to May 2011), the next Payback period has already started and will finish end November 2011. We’re looking forward to giving more back to our members in December.


If you've opted into receiving Marketing Messages, you'll receive your Personalised email statement tonight/tomorrow.


Thanks! The giffgaff team

I wonder who earned over £3000.... *COUGH* uzy *COUGH* Smiley Wink
heavy hitter

Thank you giffgaff for making it possible for us. Joining was definitely one of the best things I've done :-)


£3000 O_O...That's ALOT. How many giffgaff sims did he give out and HOW...Maybe he'd be kind enough to give us all some tips Smiley Wink.


Thanks for £103.91 Smiley Very Happy 

£3000? Wow! That alone just shows how great of a company giffgaff is, if people want to put in the effort it really pays off and if you just want a cheap and affordable network there's that too, it really is a network for everyone! Congrats on everyone's combined effort's in making giffgaff what it is Smiley Happy

lives and breathes giffgaff
Wow that's very generous
it's about 600 sims if you do the math Smiley Wink
I'll take the £3,000 as credit please Smiley Happy well done to the nameless person who managed that amount

Thankyou giffgaff. Ya gave me £208. Thats more than what i had expected. Glad to be doing business with you! Smiley Wink Smiley Very Happy


This is probably the greatest thing about giffgaff, people can pretty much pay for their phone through the payback. Thanks giffgaff, although I didn't get anything being new, but for the great idea.