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Phone Personality: christian_b

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Following on from our obsessions and guilty pleasures, now it's time to get a little more insight into the Educators' daily lives with our phone personalities - what wallpaper, case, and apps we use on a regular basis and why. :smileyhappy: You can check out Hazel's, Zobia's, Will T's and Francesca's as well from earlier in the series - but this one's mine.


Which phone do you have and what phone case do you have on it?



Well, like many others in our technological society, I have an iPhone 4S. I have to say, however, that I am not a massive mobile geek; I actually only have an iPhone for work, before this I had a Nokia E5 because I like keyboard buttons. However, after having the iPhone for about 7 months now I do see why it is so popular, though I still use phones relatively basically; calling, texting, using internet in emergencies, and nothing much else!


If you have read my Guilty Pleasures blog then you will know that I like luxurious things, my iPhone case represents this by being simple but luxurious. It has a white leather padded back with silver rims. I will be honest though; it didn't set me back much.


I have to admit, I am quite OCD when it comes to my phone, and other thing. The slightest scratch, smudge or mark will irritate me, so I am one of those people who has a case and a screen protector to avoid this, carefully stuck so as to have no air bubbles (air bubbles are a nightmare when it comes to screen protecting!).


 I will also note that it is of course a White iPhone, therefore that case, of course, had to be white. If it matches my outfit that is a bonus.



What is your phone's background and why?



If you have read my previous Obsessions blog then you will already know that I have a fascination with Oscar Wilde and his novel, 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'. Ergo, my background is of course a picture of the infamous Dorian Gray. This particular picture is artwork from the 2009 film adaption, 'Dorian Gray', where he is portrayed by the actor Ben Barnes.



me3.jpgOn the left is me as Dorian Gray; one of my many Halloween costumes. Actually, it's not even a costume to be fair; I am just incredibly well dressed. Though I have used facepaint to try and create the peeling paint effect as you can see on the picture of my phone background on the right. See the resemblance? (I actually look more like Dorian Gray as he is supposed to have blonde hair...)


Oh, and in case you were wondering; my laptop and PC desktops are quite similar themes Smiley Tongue



Show us your apps!


IMG_0582.PNGI will admit, I am not a massive app enthusiast like some people. In fact, I only like the necessities on my phone, so as you can see my home screen is rather basic.  I have my personal banking app as I am very careful with keeping track of my money, I am a good saver; in order for me to spend lavishly when I feel the need.


The standard twitter, facebook and whatspp for my social needs, and of course, the giffgaff app.


The National Rail app I use frequently as I travel into Central London every weekend to socialise, so need to make sure that I know what time my last train home is.


 On the next page I have instagram, sonic jump and shark dash. My app life is not very exciting I'm afraid. Perhaps you can recommend me some that you think I will like?






Well that's pretty much it. My personality shines better in other areas!


We would love to know your phone personality; check out the Phone Personalities thread posted by doct0r in the Social: Off Topic board.




heavy hitter

Awesome Smiley Very Happy There are so many good apps out there! Smiley Very Happy 


just a standard background and a basic case,is what I have.


I'll bet you have a painting of yourself in the attic. If you don't, you will soon. We'll get the other educators check up on you, see if you actually age... Smiley Happy


i like the National Rail app will pass that on to my friend

former giff-staffer

doct0r, I need an artist to paint my portrait first. I have been searching for some time.


I've stolen the picture from his attic doct0r, muahahahaha




@christian_b Searching for time to get it done, or the right artist?


@stephenmiller Thanks Stephen, can you put it in a spoiler, might give some people nightmares.


ooh, I didnt know santander had finally released a banking app. gonna check that out, thanks!

nice Smiley Happy i need more apps but running out of memory: (
former giff-staffer

The banking app is actually fantastic, so quick and easy to check your balance and transfer money from different accounts.


stephenmiller, I want a better one! That doesn't look anything like me...(I hope) Smiley Tongue