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Hey all,


Here are some updates regarding our Uganda prices, some 118 numbers, 123 number and £10 goodybag minutes.


This summer, we happily launched our international prices that many of you have enjoyed by adding airtime credit on top of your favourite goodybags. Keeping our members connected to family and friends is important to us, so we always try to keep everyone up-to-date regarding changes that may influence this.

As many of you know, our funny (but beloved) world of telecommunications changes quickly. We always try to keep our prices stable, but sometimes slight changes need to be made due to wholesale costs and other developments.


On Friday, 1st November some 118 numbers will be affected. Currently, the price we are charging is lower than the call cost. We will retain everything we can at £2 and 118402 at £1 – others will increase to £4. Please check the document attached for further details. 


For the same reasons we are changing the calling price to 123. This will now be charge as a non emergency number at 15p per call. 


The change to Uganda numbers will the postponed, a new date will be communicated closer to the time. 



All of the changes have been outlined below for your reference. We will also send texts to anyone who has made an affected international call or text in the past month to personally notifying them of the change plus a link to this blog post to learn more.


We also have some exciting news.

We are extending our extra, UK minutes offer (500 rather than 250) in our £10 goodybag to Monday, March 31 2014 provided you join before this date. We know many of you have enjoyed using the extra minutes, so we are excited to announce its extension. Happy calling.



ahhh thats good news about the £10 goodybag. will the main thread/blog be updated to reflect this new time period?
great news about the £10 bag. hopefully it will get more people on giffgaff
ace of spades
and I've been telling everyone the double minutes offer expires on 31st Oct! Smiley Sad Good news that its been extended though! Smiley Happy Must be attracting a lot of attention.
Great news about the £10 bag extension. Now maybe extend that offer to the £12 and £15 bags and people will be delighted Smiley Wink
giffgaff; ergo sum

Nearly a 50% increase to Uganda


Lucky I dont have to ring Uganda!


Can't say I'm surprised about the extension to the extra minutes offer on the £10 goodybag.  It is obviously worthwhile for giffgaff to encourage as many people as possible to opt for the limited internet goodybags, as high data use on the unlimited goodybags can be uneconomical for giffgaff.


I just hope that they don't keep extending this offer everytime it is about to run out but either drop it or make it permanent so everybody knows where they stand!


This is one of the problems with PAYG Nate37.

You never know, when you're on a great deal like this, when the company decides they are going to stop the offer and there's nothing you can do about it.


That the one and only good thing about contracts, you know for the length of the contract, you have the same deal. But, even then, you can't guarantee the same price. Smiley Wink


P.S. Edited to re-format the paragraphing. Smiley Sad

Wow! I never realised it's so expensive to call Africa! Better encourage giffgaffers to call from work if possible!


The 500 min £10 goodybag is an attractive offer - hopefully more people will sign up to giffgaff as a result...more giffgaff subscribers = more revenue = more investment in the giffgaff network


Increasing the price of " Ugandan discussions*" Smiley Surprised


Tory MPs may complain.  Smiley Sad


* see private eye passimSmiley Happy