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Quirky News Round Up - August 2015


Before I begin, I would just like to announce that is my 100th blog Smiley Very Happy I have been blogging for giffgaff for a whole 2 years now. My first ever blog was on the 26th of August 2013 (Top 5 iOS Puzzle Games) and I have to say that I enjoy being part of an awesome community and its nice to write about topics I have great passion for. I also appreciate the comments you guys write and how so many of you get involved in the discussions. Here’s to more blogs but for now let’s get quirky! Smiley Wink


So August 2015, your time has almost come to an end – let’s check out the crazy things that have happened in the past few weeks….


University campuses closes down because they received 0 enrolments!


Zero? Yes, zero indeed. As far as failure goes, this has got to be the winner, wouldn’t you agree? The University of South Wales were reportedly testing the market to recruit international students and successfully failed. They had hired 4 members of staff and with zero students this had lead to the highest staff to student ratio in history. Oh and they apparently spent £319,000 for the “testing the market” project so don’t think that has gone down too well. Oops.


Judge gives choice: get married or go to jail


A man in Texas punched his girlfriends’ ex boyfriend and the judge asked him if his girlfriend was worth it. He immediately replied “yes” and the judge proposed he marries her or goes to jail for 15 days. He married her.


I don’t know how I would feel about that. I wouldn’t want to get into such a big commitment to avoid a bit of punishment for a few days, it’s a big decision but hey I guess he really didn’t want to go to jail or he actually really wanted to marry her (but only realised how much when the judge asked him to). But wait, did anyone even ask her if she wanted to get married? Smiley LOL


Couple get married underwater


Whilst we’re on the topic of getting married, one couple got married underwater. The traditional wedding outfits were worn but they also had scuba gear on and they had one witness; a very large statue of Jesus Christ. It may have not been your normal wedding but that didn’t stop the bride and groom sharing a kiss – they had to remove their breathing regulators to do so, obviously, before they swam away into a new life together Heart You can see the video here.





Family share their pool with a Bear


One family in Canada arrived home to find an unexpected guest chilling in their pool. It then made its way into their hot tub (see the video here) and must of got bored as it left 15 minutes later – through a hole in the fence it had made. Can you imagine? What would you do? I’d quickly lock all the doors. OK, I probably would snapchat all my friends first Smiley Embarassed


Man tries to drive off whilst his car is tied down to a tow truck


I think the headline says it all but how silly can you get? The guy’s car is fully locked up onto the tow truck but he tries so hard to drive off – attempt after attempt. He doesn’t get anywhere of course but check out the video to watch the rear end of the car jump up as he hits the revs.


Goat behind baa-aaaa-aaaars





A goat behind bars, how bizarre. In Maharashtra, a state in the western region in India, a goat was reportedly locked up after it was stolen. Its owner raised the alarm when it was missing and Police sent the alleged thief to jail but also locked up the goat with him! It has been said that the goat was in there for 22 minutes before being released (apparently due to the image going viral on social media) but the goat being subjected to this kind of trauma is not acceptable in any shape or form. Why was it even punished? It should have been returned to the owner, not locked up with its thief.


Some interesting stuff hey. Don’t forget to check back at the end of next month for Septembers’ quirky news. You can read up on last July's round up here


Thanks for reading Smiley Happy

- Sadia


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Thank you all very much. I'm glad these crazy news round ups are of interest to you guys, especially as it is something new that has been started Smiley Happy
Congrats This is a 100th blog to remember with these great stories
Interesting news stories and congratulations on 100th blog post!
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Well done on writing 100 interesting blogs. I enjoyed this one as well ,the uni fact is really astonishing. 😕 I suppose at least the'underwater wedding' bride will have saved money on costly hair and make up for the big day. 😊

some weird and funny things go on in this world Smiley LOL thanks for the blog and congratulations on the 100


@karenyates - She sure would have saved a fair amount of money and have a wedding to remember! Smiley Wink

this is just hilarious- thanks for sharing

Well done with the 100 and always a great read @shadylady