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Recent Problems with giffgaff’s service.

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Over the last couple of weeks many of our members’ experience of giffgaff has been a long way below the standards they deserve. Our website has sometimes been slow with things like topping up and activation whilst in the background some of our processes such as applying queued goodybags haven’t completed successfully.


There has been a knock on impact on our member services team – they have seen a big increase in queries related to the above problems and as a result have taken longer than we’d like to work through all the replies.


So the purpose of this blog is to explain what's happened and what we're doing to put things right.


The root cause of these problems is the rapid growth in members joining giffgaff and whilst this is good news from the businesses point of view I am painfully aware that as an affected member this is of little comfort.


And I never want giffgaff to be a business that prioritises new customers over and above existing ones.


So what are we doing to rectify the situation?


  • First of all we have stopped all of our direct response marketing – that’s the online ads and google search ads that drive new customers to our website. It means that we’ll connect fewer new customers but capacity for existing members should be increased so it will be easier to top up and view account details. We won’t re-start the marketing activity until we’re confident our service has improved.
  • We have scheduled upgrades to a number of components of our system which will speed it up – the most impactful one of these is due to be in place in 2 weeks time.
  • We have increased the number of agents in our contact centre by 20% - and we’ll keep these in place to cover for future growth.
  • We have instigated a daily operational review process with our suppliers and work with them every day on numerous small improvements and also use it to ensure that any faults or process failures are quickly rectified.
  • We will have a full blown operational review 1 week before we are due to launch Blackberry to ensure that we have a stable technical environment for it to launch into. If we haven’t we will delay the Blackberry launch until we do have stability.

I hope you appreciate from our actions that we are taking the current difficulties very seriously indeed and are doing everything in our power to put them right.


I will give another update in two weeks  time on our progress. All that is left for me to do is to say sorry to anyone who has been affected and ask for their patience whilst we fix things.

@jim giffgaff could give everyone a £2 credit(£+£= £2) but you pay for it in the end, a network gets its money from customers so when they give you something back you or another customer is paying for it. Last november giffgaff gave 10k to charity for the outage, that 10k wouldnt have come out the profit pot because i dont think there was any(it was much smaller back then) so another budget would have had 10k sliced off, if giffgaff gave everyone £2 and there are 100000 members some budgets will need to be cut back to level out the 200k. Then you have to consider how many customers have been lost, and the type of business giffgaff is how many other customers will those lost take with them? As you can see the issue has scary consequences and im sure giffgaff know this and will be doing all they can and as fast as they can to limit the damage, because more time = more damage, if it takes giving free credit to customers then im sure giffgaff will do this, but ask yourself 'whats the cost?, what will i miss out on?, am i better off not taking some free credit so they can invest that cash to stop issues happening in future?'

I agree with you pouch!

What happens to the days after our vouchers have been processed but sims still not activated?

It's daaay SIXTEEN in th Giffgaff hooose & evryone is asleep. Rowbot has been dreaming of talking to everyone in the ootside world but no communication devices are allowed to work in the house. Noo intenut or phunes. Not that it matters, he has no credit. He has sent a party boloon up with a message to get him oot of this place but there seems to be no wun left in the world ootside. Has there bin a nuclear war & all the woorld has bin wiped oot & I doon't know anything aboot it. Ah well, nothing to be done so carry on dreamin & when I wake up evrythin might be back to normal. Alls quiet in the Giffgaff hooose.
After having a recent ticket returned without apparently reading the query (stock copy and paste response) I really think giffgaff need more than 20% agent increase given recent backlogs and if the membership is growing so much and more abuse cases are being noted then there isn't much that 'we' can do in cases like these. The increased staffing costs may well be offset by people not leaving or recommending others due to poor or unreliable service. Blackberry has to go on hold definitely but how long will be deemed necessary to show stability before going ahead? As for 'impactful' ... hmmm Smiley Wink (Still can't preview or any sign of buttons below the 3 tabs when posting) Smiley Sad
So when will everybody get their goodybags?
aandms: seems the Indian agents are doing other work reading between the lines but they haven't actually admitted that...
khairul - I know that was the case initially this post implies otherwise!

dw people giffgaff has sorted that problem and it will continue to be the best and cheapest network ever!


Still very bad for a mobile provider to put their customers throught this.


Still Issuse Hope its fixed soon as recon my start to inpact on the payment dates for payback ponits. HOPE NOT