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Recurring goodybags release date *UPDATED*

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We are happy to announce that the 20th of June will be our release date for recurring goodybags, a long time waited project for many giffgaffers.


The development of this project has taken some time as it’s arguably the most complex project we’ve developed since launch impacting My giffgaff, the Top-up funnels, the mobile site. The backend coding is integrated with our Customer Service Portal, network platforms and payment systems. An architectural masterpiece and I’d like to start by thanking Cameron, Nigel, the technology and testing teams for their hard work on this project over many months.


It was the 25 of April of 2010, when we were still in Beta and only 10 days after launching our first 4 goodybags, fusionblue (founder) raised the following idea in the ideas board:


Auto Renewing Goodybags  

by fusionblue on 25-04-2010 19:02

 Would it be possible to have an option to set the goodybag to auto renew at the end of the billing month, or the system texts you to confirm if you want to renew ("reply YES to confirm") and then charges another £10/£35 etc for the next month?

At least this way it emulates pay monthly services but when you decide you don't want it you can just let it expire.


2 years & 281 Kudos later we are happy to announce this ‘4th all time most voted idea’ will soon be a reality. From the 20th of June you can forget about having to come back to to buy or queue your next goodybag. You will be able to set your goodybag to recur indefinitely, forever.


If you already have an active ‘Live’ goodybag you can chose to recur it, which means that as soon as your ‘Live’ goodybag expires, your next goodybag will be automatically purchased and applied. You can also change or cancel your recurrence at any point in time up until the date your live goodybag expires.


Just like auto top-up, you will be able to recur your goodybag from your Credit Card or Debit Card (Visa Debit/Credit/Electron, MasterCard or Maestro).


I want to thank all members who have been involved in the creation on how recurrence will work. The proposed solution brought concerns around the goodybag lockout period on the day of expiry for Voucher & Payback to Credit redeemers, and we are happy to announce we will also be improving this point. Together with the recurring goodybag release, the so called ‘lockout period’ will reduce from 7pm-9am the next day (14 hours total) to 10pm-12am (2 hours total), allowing members to buy their next goodybag from balance at any time after expiry.


As we’ll be replacing queuing goodybags to recurring goodybags, we will be having ad-hoc comms to users who have historically been queuing goodybags from balance as well as continuing looking at ways to improve their user experience at giffgaff.


The majority of users who are queuing are doing this by Credit Card or Debit Card the day before their current one expires - so this will be a welcome relief to these members– one less thing to worry about.


So if you’ve got ‘contract’ friends that have not been convinced about joining giffgaff as they don’t want the hassle of remembering to top-up or buy a goodybag – this might just mean that we’re now right up their street.


Edit: Questions answered up to 6pm 22/05/2012:


You will not be able to queue a goodybag from the 20th of June however if you are a voucher buyer you can still exchange your credit for a goodybag once your live goodybag expires (from 12:01am).


Everybody can queue a goodybag from now until the 20th of June.  It will still apply as per usual even if it goes live after the 20th of June.


You can recur goodybags with or without BlackBerry add-ons.


We continue working on making improving our payment systems as it is a clear benefit for members and giffgaff business overall. We agree that some of our credit cards get rejected by our fraud rules and I'm not saying it's perfect, but the % rejection rate is no different from what you would get on O2 or Tesco Mobile.


I don't think this has anything to do with contracts. It will be convenient for those who want a contract model type but this is optional. It's also worth noting that with recurrence you are paying upfront for your goodybag and you have full control on the extra credit you need. No chance to have a bill shock @giffgaff, with contracts it's a different story.


There will be notifications when your recurring goodybag kicks in in a similar fashion to how auto top-up works today.


Your goodybag expires at 23:59:59 the date of expiry (using @Andy0's date format). Up until 00:00 all calls, texts and data will be consumed from your live goodybag, not from the next one.


If you had recurrence switched on, your next goodybag will kick in at 00:00:00. There is no inbetween time where you will be charged from your airtime balance.


Lockout refers to the time where you will not be able to edit your goodybag recurrence. Be that enable, change or cancel. That will be from 22:00:00 to 23:59:59 the day of expiry of your live goodybag.


From 00:00:01 you can buy your next goodybag if you hadn't recurred it. Up until now (still today) you would have to wait until 09:00:00 the following day to buy your next goodybag. This will no longer be the case, there is no technical reason to be without a live goodybag at any point in time.


We are sending a newsfeed today to all our base.


**UPDATE 19/06/12**


Hi all,


Sadly we have had to delay the launch of the recurring goodybags until Monday 25th of June. Please see this thread for more information and updates as and when we have them.






At last! There will be many happy people on here!


And the reduction to 2 hours in lock out period is also great!


Roll on 20th June!


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Let's hope we manage to stick to this exact date this time and not have lots of delays like we have previously. I'm looking forward to this Smiley Happy


That is great news. Is the report of giffgaff selling The Galaxy 3S linked to this?

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All I say can to this is: Fantastic. Might not be of much use to me, but I would like to thanks Cameron and Nigel for their time on this. Must have been hard to implement this. I'm sure many people will be happy with this.


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