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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Review - A Sports Band Worth Considering

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What is it?

So first things first, this isn't a smart watch it is a 'Sports/Fitness Band', but I can't deny it looks like a watch. It has straps and tells you the time via a multitude of customisable faces, and it is definitely smart because it tracks your fitness.

I was sent one to try out and give my opinion on it. I must say, I have never used a wearable fitness tracker before so I had no idea what to expect.

Here you have a short and fun video review I've made: 


Review Thumbnail_S7 edge Blue phone + Gear Fit2 2016-white background.jpg


The screen is a 1.5 inch Super AMOLED curved display which is a touch screen and very visable even in direct sunlight. The glass screen is strong and felt it would take a lot to damage it. There are two buttons on the side, one for power and one as a back button. The device is touch screen so no other buttons are needed. On the rear there are two green disco lights that work with the IR blaster to measure your pulse, known as photoplethysmography. The straps are detachable and are available in two sizes, they feature a 'pop it in the hole' system similar to the original Gear Fit but now featuring a loop to pass the strap through.  The Fit 2 is available in blue, pink and black, I had the black version and that would look good on a male or females wrist especially as it is quite thin. It also looks like a fashion item so will go with most everyday clothes and fitness gear. 


Charging the gear was fun as the charger dock is magnetic, so even if you miss the charging prongs the magnet scoops up the band and puts it in the correct charging position.  Two hours to fully charge would easily last me a full day of fairly heavy use. 


Navigating around the gear was pretty straight forward. I didn't have the luxury of instructions but found the menus and the settings easy enough to use. 


GPS tracks where I am going along with the speed, distance and height climbed. I can set the tracker to read out to me my progress every mile so I will be updated on how fast it took, my average speed and other useful info. 


I took it for a run and afterwards checked my progress. I also had my S7 in my pocket tracking me so I could compare the results. The steps taken were near enough the same on both devices, the distance and speed were exactly the same. This led me to realise 2 things, first is that my phone already does pretty much everything the band does, it just doesn't constantly check my pulse, secondly running with a phone in my pocket was OK but with a lot of sports such as Squash, Tennis, football and so on having a sports band is the only option. 


And while we talk about sports this watch has it covered. Yoga, rowing, hang gliding.. Here is a screen shot of just some of them:




You can set yourself goals and then through the power of the phone app you can link to and compare with other friends fitness goals and progress. Also while you are out you can sync the device to wireless headphones and to your phone and listen to music. You can use the watch as a Bluetooth linked phone to make and receive calls and texts, change songs and the volume. The watch is also IP68 rated so you have nothing to worry about using it in the rain or going for a shallow swim. (IP68 meaning it can be underwater for 30 minutes at depths of up to 1.5m) 


My final thoughts

A good display along with GPS in a small waterproof form factor, there is hardly any competition at the moment and the device does everything most people would need from a sports band. It is not something I would purchase, not while my phone does all that I need. But this device is more practical to carry around and forget you are wearing it, just let it do its thing in the background and check it when ever. Oh and did I mention it also tells you the time? I'm sure I mentioned it Smiley Happy


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What are your thoughts on the Fit 2? Maybe you own one or another fitness tracker that does the job for you, let me know in the comments below so we can all learn from each other Smiley Happy


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I have got a gear 2 given to me from my son, not used it yet.

Can you tell me if this watch do the same as the gear fit 2 


Pretty much yes, you can see a review of it here


How long does it take to port number over to giffgaff 


Hi I am not sure why but I am not receiving all my text messages.  Can anyone help me sort out this problem.



Nice review but if you are after a fitness watch I'd rather buy something made by Polar or Garmin. I have a Polar M400 and its a fantistic sports watch (that only needs charging once a week!) and is about half the price of the Gear Fit2.

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@seanalert After using the Fit2 for a couple of days I came to realise I don't need one, my S7 does everything i need it too as does my friends S6 and no doubt the S5 S4 and S3. But people who cant carry a phone around with them will be looking for something smaller Smiley Happy Thanks for the heads up on the M400, it gives us something to compare the Fit to, do you have any good links to youtube vids or web sites?

I wouldn't buy a smartwatch or activity tracker that only worked with one specific Android manufacturer!


Better to wait for an Android Wear 2.0 SmartWatch instead of a Samsung OS Gear Fit 2

FitBit seemed to have cornered the activity tracker market not Samsung


That's an extensive list of sporting activities