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Shazam - The Instant Music Recognising App


How to use Shazam

Shazam is very quick and easy to use. All you have to do to activate the listening feature is click on the S button with a circle around it in the bottom right-hand corner and then Shazam identifies the song.


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After a few seconds, the screen will change and will show you the name of the music and give you a sample of the song. I think being able to listen to a sample is very helpful so you can check the app has got the right song. You are also able to share the song on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also listen to it on different music apps, for example, Deezer, Spotify, iTunes.


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What is great about this app


Some of the things I like about this app is how easy it is to use compared to other music recognising apps which I have found are quite confusing and slow to use. Another thing that I have found, through a lot of research and testing other music recognising apps, is that Shazam is a lot more accurate and updated with all the latest music making sure your music can always be identified.  A useful feature that Shazam has is being able to store all the music that you have "shazamed," on your profile page.


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A great little feature that I found on Shazam is the explore button. It enables you to find the favourite and the most played songs of a certain area, for example, London or Brighton.




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Overall I think that Shazam is a very useful app to help you to recognise songs. It also is very accurate, which really helps to make it easier and quicker for you to discover your unknown music.

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I've used Shazam and Sound Hound, they are both very useful if you would like to identify a piece of music. My favorite Shazam feature is that it keeps a list of songs I have tried to identify so that if I then want to download a song (or buy the CD) I can.
Sounds great I will try it
heavy hitter
Agreed, excellent app - even now used for TV advertising to link the tune to the advert.
I bought Shazam years ago. Unfortunately like most apps it got updated with loads of social media **bleep**.

Good blog post, thanks


I've been using Shazam for years and it's very useful, particularly for that piece of music on a movie that you like but can't identify. It also links to Spotify so Shazam'd music appears on a seperate playlist Smiley Happy

Shazam helped find a song that I didn't know the name of, no I do thanks shazam
Shazam that music
Sounds great will try it

Shazam was one of the original iPhone apps that Steve Jobs demo'd on stage


Shazam is a bit old school, it's been around for years