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Back in November of 2015 nearly 26% of our members who voted on the payback charity vote identified Shelter UK as the charity who resonated with them and was near and dear to their hearts. Thanks to this vote and your fantastic generosity Shelter UK received £40,755 from giffgaff this past December. They were able to put this money to good use by supporting 944 families across the UK they would not have been able to without your generosity.



giffgaff’s support for the charities you choose doesn’t stop there. During each payback cycle we get in contact with the 3rd place charity and start a dialogue about how we can support them via in-house initiatives. At the beginning of May over 20 giffstaffers took to the road to bike from Marble Arch in London to Amsterdam for the benefit of the Royal British Legion.


With the most recent round of payback charity voting having wrapped up a few weeks back it means that Alzheimer’s Society and Claire’s House are the beneficiaries of your payback donation, which giffgaff has matched, and will be receiving £23,564 each.


As ME Research UK came in 3rd place during the recent payback charity vote it means that we at giffgaff will be carrying forward the banner and looking at ways to raise funds for them. If you have any ideas as to how we should go about doing so, please share them in the comments below.


Thank you again to everyone who has nominated a charity, voted, or intends to donate their payback to these very worthwhile causes.


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Great news and kudos to all those who donated their payback to charity.

well done giffgaff; keep up the good work


@vincent_m That's fantastic news to here, thanks for posting this blog up, and it's also very good to everyone that voted for shelter. A very worthy cause indeed. 

So a big well done you should all feel proud. Also well done giffgaff for setting up this to help charity's that are so deserving...Smiley Wink

good to be right

@vincent_m. Thanks for the great blog.


Well where do i start theres so much going on for these great charitys.


Firstly what a great effort you giffgaff staffers did on the cycling from london to amsterdam.

A great well done to all of you lovely guys.


Its also great that the donation to shelter was put to good use and what a great donation that was so well done to all that donated and for giffgaff that doubled it.


Its great that clair house and alzheimers was the winners of this terms donations.

Two great charitys so well done again gaffers and giffgaff .


And 3rd place ME i hope will get some response from our great gaffers to get them some money.


I feel so proud of the whole setup that giffgaff and gaffers pull together to help needy charitys.


So well done all and thank you all and keep up the great work we are all doing.



Einstein a go-go

 @vincent_m , 


Thank you for the update / information ..........


This network and it's members make me proud to think of myself as part of this brilliant community .


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Its so good to be a part of a company that gives Smiley Happy really pleased to read this!

heavy hitter

Well done giffgaff

big cheese
I wonder why charity donations have had such a big drop this time (down from £40,755 to £23,564). Still a great figure, but still … I hope it's not because of the charities that were chosen this time. Smiley Frustrated

 Great stuff, but like gordie10 puzzled by the drop in charity giving.


As for supporting ME Research UK couldn't we set-up a SMS shortcode and JustGiving page like the one for Action for M.E.


To donate to Action for M.E. by using your airtime credit just;
Text “MEGG54 £1" to 70070 to donate £1
Text “MEGG54 £5" to 70070 to donate £5
Text “MEGG54 £10" to 70070 to donate £10
Or click here to go through to Action for M.E. Just Giving Page

Congrats to the gifgaff staffers who biked all the way to Amsterdam!