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Siri – for the iPhone 4S not the iPhone 4

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There have been reports across the internet of huge problems connected with a recently leaked piece of code developed by some Chinese hackers the “CD-Dev Team.” Currently available in Cydia, iPhone 4 users are being warned against using the hack.



The software for iPhone 4 users, aimed to bring the new iPhone 4S technology – Siri  to the handsets. However, in addition to the overwhelming demand for the hack and the crashing of the servers, the software reportedly has other problems.


Not only has the software broken some phones, but it is alleged to also use illegal code.  H1Siri involves the use of copyrighted binaries from the iPhone 4S. There are also privacy concerns associated with the hack, as iPhone hacker chpwn (aka grant Paul) points out: "if you use a proxy to access Siri, you may be sending your Email, SMS, Calendar, Contacts, Location, etc though that server."


The H1Siri is reported to have caused a number of problems after installation, including random reboots, camera faults, bricking the phone and causing the handset to stick on the Apple logo.


So if you’re thinking of trying this out – don’t do it! There are some additional Siri experiments going on elsewhere which give access to the dictation functionality offered by Siri, but as of yet, no other hack offered access to the full functionality as H1Siri claimed to do.

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Siri isn't even that great honest don't muck your phones up for it Mines turned off

thanks for the warning about the nastiness involved in the hack...

seems voice recognition also still has it weaknesses, tho i've not yet had a play with Siri herself


I bought a new iPhone 4S and I can honest say that I have never used Siri, and I seriously think it is very much a gimmick.

Though the fact that certain iPhone 4 users want to use it too, goes to show how restrictive Apple's application of software is?


I have reluctantly had to jailbreak my old iPhone, just to make it work with giffgaff to it's full potential, and I am considering the same with my latest handset. But reports like this highlight, how dangerous such a step is and, how conscious of the dangers people should be.

handy giff-staffer

Indeed! A friend with a jailbroken iPhone went abroad recently, and arrived to find themselves unable to send any texts/make any calls, due to a tethered jailbreak Smiley Sad


Still I'm sure giffgaff will also help out by providing a practical method of using their gigabags on the iPhone, without the need to jailbreak, won't they? Smiley Wink


P.S. To be able to tether, of course... Smiley Sad


Only ever seen people using it for a laugh anyway - asking it the most ridiculous thing they can think of.

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I would have used it if it could understand me but I kept on wanting to call people Only thing it ever did right was play music

I was an avid iPhone fan from the 2G up to the 4, the wife has a 4S now and there is no real innovation as far as Im concerned. Siri is a fun gimmick when it rarely works but is generally terrible. I always jailbroke my phones as I dont agree with Apples stance on making us, the user adhere to their way of using the iPhone.... afterall it is ours to use how we want!

All I can say now is Im more than happy with my HTC Desire HD rooted on 2.3, simply amazing Smiley Happy

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I have been in jailbreak scene for a long time, i know that siri hacks are not safe as of now, and because of copyright issues their has been hackers that have held back, but some have managed to get it working using proxy servers. Thats the thing that is unsafe as your data is going through a unsecure connection. 


But your comment about having a tethered jailbreak and not calling,texting or internet is kind of fixable really Smiley Happy 


I will repeat a official jailbreak from the dev team or chronic dev team is very safe Smiley Happy 

Jailbreak it self is very legal, as what use it for is up to you Smiley Frustrated.


I use mine for themes and mods to notification center Smiley Happy I could never live without a jailbreak Smiley Happy So as soon as a iPhone 4s jailbreak is released (ps their is also a unlock being worked on for the iPhone 4s) as we speak but will not be released as Apple has upcoming update of 4.0.2 or 4.1. 


In addition their is hack being worked on by the jailbreak crew Smiley Happy but requires jailbreak for iPhone 4s. This hopefully will be the safe port of siri Smiley Happy 

I Don't know what the fuss is about with Siri. It is just another over hyped Apple feature. Android users have been able to use voice control for ages. I have tried both Vlingo and the standard Google AP, but the novalty soon wears off.