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Sony announce C5 Ultra & M5, new iPhones dated, Windows RT Update 3: This Week's Headlines


Good evening folks! Apologies for the late publication of this weekly news roundup; I've been at gamescom in Cologne, Germany this whole week and I've just returned to the UK. There have been quite a few interesting announcements this week for Apple and Android fans, so take a look!


Sony announce C5 Ultra and M5

Sony announced two mid-range phones with strong imaging capabilities this week. The C5 Ultra is a phablet-sized device with a 13-megapixel front-facing camera and a 6-inch edge-to-edge screen. The M5 goes further, with a 21-megapixel rear camera and 13-megapixels up front, plus better specs.  


Sony announce IFA event to announce Android devices

Sony aren't pausing for breath any time soon either. The Japanese corporation has announced a press event on September 2nd, with an image that teases mobiles, wearables and accessories. New Xperia phones - including a flagship 'Z' device - and a new Android smartwatch seem obvious contenders.


Google commit to monthly Android security updates

Normally security fixes for Android and other mobile operating systems are included in system updates, and can take several weeks or even months to be delivered. Google is aiming to change this in the future, and has publically committed to delivering monthly security updates for still-supported Nexus devices. The first monthly update arrived this week, although the staged rollout system means that it could arrive a little later on some devices than on others.


Apple rumoured to launch new iPhones on September 9th

Apple release new iPhones each September, but there's some variance in the exact date. This year though, it's rumoured that Apple will choose exactly the same date as last year - September 9th. As well as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, Buzzfeed claims that we'll also see new iPad models and a new Apple TV.   


iOS 9 to include fix for weak WiFi performance

Sometimes, WiFi networks can suck - you're too far away, or the router is being overloaded, and you get slow or nonexistent internet service that's probably worse than using 3G. In iOS 9, your iPhone will automatically detect crappy WiFi signals, and switch to mobile service instead. The new feature is called WiFi Assist, and it's available in the iOS 9 beta 3, under Settings > Mobile.


 Windows RT Update 3 details emerge

Windows RT was largely a failure for Microsoft, with some initial enthusiasm for the mobile-based OS quickly deteriorating in the face of withering reviews and minimal OEM support. However, it's not quite the end of the road for owners of RT devices - while they won't be updated to Windows 10 proper, they will receive "Update 3". This week Microsoft announced that the update would include some W10 elements - the new start menu and an updated lock screen. The update will be released next month.


That's all folks! I'll update this post when I can with photos; until then I hope you've enjoyed this low-fi edition of the This Week's Headlines. Thanks for tuning in and see you again next week!


There's a blog on the official Google blog about devices getting updates for 18 months.


we're jointly announcing that new devices from participating partners will receive the latest Android platform upgrades for 18 months after the device is first released, as long as the hardware allows.



Oh wait, that was from 2011. Silly me Smiley Happy


@shadylady my thought is that if you are watching a film, for example, at home on wifi, you are not going to notice if a little symbol changes at the top of the screen. As chef_ronin says, this will lead to the next outcry on unexpected bills.

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It dosen`t seem 2 minutes since apple brought out the iphone 6

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Good to see Win RT update in the pipeline, although my Surface RT still flies and is serving me well for web, email, Netflix, Amazon and iPlayer duties. I can also use Office and Citrix remote access if I have to do some actual work! Not had enough of an excuse to upgrade to Surface 3 yet, but it looks very tempting...


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Quote by templar on 09-08-2015 21:48 "Wow! RT isn't dead after-all. That was a surprise."

Windows RT is obsolete, but Microsoft caring for its users, is giving Windows RT for ARM-based Surface tablets, the much needed refresh with a few Windows 10 features, including a new start menu and an improved lock screen. These additions, though minor, shall be welcomed by the early adopters of Microsoft's über iPad-killer.

The Windows RT Update 3 shall be available next month in September.