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Sony launch the new PlayStation 4: the PS4 Pro


Apple’s iPhone 7 launch event was not the only big announcement made on the 7th of September. Sony took their own stage that afternoon to reveal the brand new PS4 Pro; the most powerful PlayStation ever made.


The PS4 was launched three years ago. Since then, technology has changed a lot and so Sony had a big gap to fill and they did just that. Read on to find out how the latest and upcoming PlayStation has advanced and changed the level of gaming.


PS4 Pro!.jpgConnectivity


You might be on the phone to a friend whilst playing a game or they might ask a thousand questions about the experience of the PS4 Pro. Why not let them watch you play and get a feel for it? They too can be remotely entertained, in HD (1080p) definition.


You can even stream your games to compatible devices and play remotely. Again, in 1080p. This is a cool feature but may aid in getting you seriously addicted. Smiley Tongue


4K Entertainment


The PlayStation isn't just for gaming. With the PS4 Pro, you can watch Youtube videos, movies and TV shows on Netflix and other supported entertainment apps. It has a built-in Blu-ray disc player too. The best thing is you can be entertained in 4K (it supports HDR too) although you'd need a 4K TV but it's nice to know it supports such a fantastic resolution. Those running games at native 1080p will still experience colours like never before and immense graphic detail. You need good graphics when gaming after all don't you?


Sony PS4 Pro.jpgInside the PS4 Pro


The Pro's 4K and HDR capabilities are driven by an upgraded GPU, which was never available before. You can probably imagine how much better the graphics will be. But an upgraded processor is still necessary and the Pro comes with just that, offering higher clock rates. So, games will run much smoother. It also comes with a 1TB hard drive, as opposed to 500GB.


Is it worth getting?


I think it's very convenient for a gaming console to have additional functionality. It's essentially two-in-one and means you could easily do without things like the Apple TV or Google Chromecast. Fancy taking a break from gaming? Switch over to Netflix and if you can't find anything you're in the mood for then there is always Youtube plus many other apps you can toggle between.


Although it's not native 4K, it's close and has made the PlayStation future proof for a good few years. Performance and graphics upgrades are the outstanding factors here and it's not a bad price either (£349.99). It may also be a good time (or excuse) to get that gorgeous 4K TV; future-proof entertainment Smiley Wink


PS4 Pro.jpg


Price and Release date


It’s an exciting time for gamers and if you’re interested in the new PS4 Pro then

you can preorder it on Amazon. It will be released on 10th November 2016 and priced at £349.99.


What do you guys think of it, how many of you already own a PlayStation and how many of you are planning to purchase it? I look forward to your thoughts.


Thanks for reading Smiley Happy


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@jason1973tess - Awesome. Do you currently own a PlayStation? 


I read about the PS4 Pro on the BBC website last week. Thought it was a little odd that wasn't a full upgrade and named the PS5. Sony are now supporting 2 different PS4's which you can essentially play the same games on. Games are going to need to work well on both platforms else the standard PS4 will become the very poor cousin of the PS4.


Though I think it's a good upgrade, it's only a slight upgrade from previous version; as the Blu ray drive isn't a 4k drive, thus you can't play 4k movies on it.

Though of course you can stream 4k movies from Netflix, Amazon and of course Sony's own movie store...


PS4 Pro Won't Feature a 4K Blu-ray Drive

Looks like an outstanding product but why waste more money stay the original ls4

Everyone I work with has a ps4. None of us has a 4k TV and we all agree that there's no way we'll be shelling out for a new ps4 plus a compatible upgraded TV.

I have a 4k capable tablet, Nvidia shield and while I've seen how nice 4k is, I'm more than happy with the ps4 I already have. 


I predict a flop tbh.

handy giff-staffer

Nice blog. An interesting product and interesting times for sure. The lack of a 4K Blu-ray drive is an odd decision at least and has let the Xbox score some cheap shots.


4K and HDR are still not quite into mass market yet. Personally, I'm not going to be interested for at least another few years. A point rarely mentioned is that with 4K and HDR enabled, most current tellies have a pretty poor response rate for gaming.


Still progress is good and it will be interesting to see how this generation plays out. It'd be interesting to see what happens when Xbox Scorpio comes out. Will Sony make a PS4 Pro 2 or compete on price?

Some tech industry people say that this is the last generation of consoles, I'm not totally convinced yet but we'll see


I'm hoping the PS4 destroys sales of Microsoft's xBox line up

Price is affordable for a 4K PS4