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Studying giffgaff: would you please help me out? :)

Hello giffgaffers!


My name is anne, 24, from Utrecht, the Netherlands. I’m a Sociology student and currently studying the giffgaff community. In doing so, I could really use your help!


What interests me about giffgaff and your community is the way you guys interact with giffgaff. I would love to know why you joined the giffgaff forum and what it is that motivates you in making a contribution to giffgaff.  Specifically, I’d like to focus on your contributions regarding helping giffgaff in producing ideas, suggestions and comments on giffgaffs’  offer.


So, if you have ever posted an idea, suggestion, improvement, or anything that is related to this topic, I would like to ask you to please click here and complete my survey.


Doing so will take approximately five minutes of your time Smiley Happy This would make me (and giffgaff) very happy!


Thank you!

Hi i want to use my own mobile number not new one i got with giff gaff

I think it would be a good idea if when purchasing a Goody Bag, one could also purchase add-ons for international calling and texting for NON BBs as well.


Very good learned a lot from this Smiley Happy


can you tether on the monthly unlimited internet contract?

does it work well?


hey somebody tell me please i have16£ in my account and i want free texts and minutes wht i need to do tell me please??

Hi! So far, 55 people have completed my survey, which is really nice but in order to perform my anaylsis, I will need your help in completing my survey to make my sample larger Smiley Happy Would you guys be so kind to do so? Thanks!

already 58 completed surveys guys! But I will need a bit more in order to run  my analysis.. Will you help me out? Smiley Happy




I think you missed an opportunity for having an open ended 'Any other comments' section - you can pick up a lot of data this way.

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