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Tailor a Trailer - Competition

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Welcome to the announcement of 'Tailor a Trailer', an awesome competition inspired by our recurring event Movie Night, which is held in the Social: Off Topic board every 2 weeks on a Saturday, with movie voting and the chance to win giffgaff popcorn in between.


What are the prizes?


Obviously, this is the most exciting part so I'll reveal this first.


We have a choice of 3 fantastic prizes available to give away to the winners of this competition...


  1. £100 Odeon Voucher + giffgaff t-shirt + giffgaff popcorn + giffgaff earphones + giffgaff pen/stickers
  2. £100 Vue Voucher + giffgaff t-shirt + giffgaff popcorn + giffgaff earphones + giffgaff pen/stickers
  3. 1 Year Netflix Subscription + giffgaff t-shirt + giffgaff popcorn + giffgaff earphones + giffgaff pen/stickers

Odeon prize.jpgvueprize.pngnetflix prize.jpg


The winning trailers of each category (There are 3) will also be used in future promotion of the Movie Night event.


How do I enter?


We are asking you to create a giffgaff trailer, either the full video trailer, the script or the storyboard. To enter, and for more information, please...


click here


If you're not already on giffgaff, don't forget to grab yourself a giffgaff sim card along the way.




We have put together an example trailer so you can get an idea of what we are looking for, see below Smiley Happy


Example trailer

The Educator Movie



Pretty impressive, huh?Try not to be intimidated by the professional, Hollywood-esque, quality of our trailer. Making it was absolutely hilarious, we all laughed so much, so for your enjoyment; here are the bloopers:


The Educator Movie




We are so excited to see what you can come up with. You have 1 month to create your entries, which is loads of time, so get to work and good luck Smiley Happy


Also, remember tonight is Movie Night, we are watching 'Taken' at 9:00PM on Film4.





giffgaff makes me Smiley HappySmiley Very HappySmiley LOL


And if the winning trailer is the most awesome trailer ever made............are giffgaff gonna comission a full movie?  Haha, that would be cool wouldn't it!

I am the matrix

Does Flaxvert want to maybe have a crack at this... Should I? What do you think people?

top cat
Do it Flax!
giffgaff; ergo sum

Love it love it love it!

I could watch that stuff all day!  Still often watch giffgaff Gangnam Dance and this is going to be just as good.

Good to see everyone really enjoying doing it.



Well done.

giffgaff; ergo sum

Ant c


You have lost it mate what have gg done to you.

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Ant is priceless
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This was so fun to do Smiley Happy

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Well i thought that was funny, it just proves that all the GG eds are certified nutters. luv it!

Well done guys, waiting for the full episode of giffgaff in the movies. hahah.


Loved video :-*

try putting lots sims in the box and blowing it up so it drops all over the plae