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Tasks: A Simple Productivity App From Google


When it comes to productivity apps, there is no shortage of apps for making notes, to-do lists and setting up reminders, but this doesn’t seem to have stopped Google. What’s even more curious is that Google already have Keep, a cross-platform note-taking app with rich media capabilities. Tasks takes a different approach to Keep, instead, it allows you to make lists of tasks with due dates and scheduled reminders. Let’s have a look at what Tasks has to offer.




As you would expect with a tasks app, Google Tasks lets you create any number of ‘tasks’ in your list which can be rearranged to your heart’s desire. You can also create and name multiple lists, which I can see being used to separate work from home. With each task, you can associate extra details and a due date, so the app will remind you when you have a deadline coming up. The due date also allows the app to show your most urgent tasks at the top when you sort by date, so you know how to best to prioritise your time.


For each task, you can also create subtasks, which can be handy if you need to complete a number of separate tasks before you can complete the overall assignment. When you’re done with a task, simply check the box by tapping it, or swipe the task to the right to dismiss it. Completed tasks bundle together at the bottom and can be restored if necessary. Overall, the Tasks app provides a neat selection of functions in an easy-to-use manner, perfect for when you need to focus on your work without getting bogged down with complex productivity apps!






The design of Google Tasks is where I feel it excels. The app has a very simple interface with minimal buttons and distractions, meaning that creating a task is not only quick but easy and intuitive. Don’t just take my word for it, have a look through the screenshots included in this blog. The entire Google Tasks experience is augmented with silky smooth animations, clearly making good use of the newer Android APIs. Google Tasks is also available for iOS in addition to Android, no doubt with a similar experience to the what I’ve experienced in the Android version, based on the screenshots I’ve been able to find.






For a long time I’ve been looking for a simple app to keep track of my assignments and general to-do list, but so far the experience with 3rd party apps has been inconsistent, not to mention lacking sync facilities with my computer. Google Tasks ticks the box in this regard, as you can currently access Tasks from the right-hand panel inside if you’ve opted into the new Gmail redesign (which I highly recommend trying out). Failing that, you can get to your tasks right here, but this is a legacy platform and it lacks the modern design of the app.




In terms of the reliability, I have had no issues with my tasks syncing across platforms, unlike Google Keep which often jumbles the order of notes or outright doesn’t sync them on my account - a strange issue which surely isn’t intentional. I have found the notifications to be incredibly valuable, as it means I no longer need to set calendar events or alarms for trivial reminders. Given that the knows when tasks are due, and Google has access to my calendar, notifications can be targeted in advance of the task deadline for when I’m not busy.




To download Google Tasks for Android or iOS, choose the relevant link below to be redirected to the store where you can download it:


Download Google Tasks for Android

Download Google Tasks for iOS


What do you think of Google Tasks? I personally find it to be very handy, particularly the ability to sort by due date, so Tasks will certainly be staying installed on my smartphone. Have you tried Google Tasks? Could you see it helping your productivity? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Interesting app. I'll have to have a look.


I used to use Evernote until they started charging industrial fees. Then MS OneNote which was so bloated it simply wouldn't sync on a slower connection. That pushed me to Keep, which had its own problems as you describe above. Since then I've been on Simplenote which does what it says on the tin and has been reliable even on flaky connections - but of course it lacks any features or formatting. So Tasks sounds like the answer.

But as it's Google I'll be on the lookout for the gotchas since a lot of their software seems to run as a permanent beta.


Added 11 June 2018: I installed the Android app. I played with it ... I wasn't impressed. It was the usual Google thing where it wouldn't do certain things and there was a lack of settings to configure it. For example; sub-tasks get displayed as tasks without any indication (that I could see) of them being subsidiary to a main task. I can just about see the developer's logic, but he clearly didn't think or get pushed to consider other possibilities.

So I uninstalled it and will stay with Simplenote which is very much WYSIWYG (remember that?).


Thanks for posting @willp789


I've been using Keep, Calendar and  Journey to keep ahead of my tasks but this looks like it might work for me - I'll give it a go. 


worSt nightmare 


Will take a look at Tasks but I do use Keep as my note app. Again, meets my needs. Thanks.


Thanks for posting!


Good job 


Thanks for this info. I'm a great note taker & really like the sound of this going to download it now.

I am the matrix

Thanks Willp789 


I'll have a look at that app👍




Thanks for the review but for some odd reasons I prefer pen and paper