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Thank you from the British Heart Foundation


The British Heart Foundation was one of the top two charities nominated by giffgaffers for this December's charity voteand will be receiving community Payback this December. To help you choose which charity you'd like to support, we invited them to write a guest post detailing the great work your donations will help make happen. 

 Thank you giffgaff


All of us at the BHF were honored to find out we had been shortlisted by the giffgaff community for their member’s payback scheme and were very humbled by the number of votes we received.


The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is the nation's heart charity. Heart disease is Britain’s biggest killer, affecting over 7 million people. Sadly, that’s more than double the number living with cancer and dementia combined. Far too many people die prematurely and for those who survive, life can be frightening and hard.   


From the mums, dads, brothers and sisters who suffer a sudden heart attack, to the grandparents living with the debilitating impact of heart failure, to the 12 babies born every day with a life threatening congenital heart defect, heart disease is heartless – it is sudden and devastating.


Saving Lives Today


bhfblog1.pngLess than 1 in 10 people survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest in the UK. There’s no opportunity to say goodbye, no chance to say a final ‘I love you’. In parts of Europe where more people know CPR, 1 in 4 people survive!


Saving Lives Tomorrow


Research is our ultimate weapon in the fight against heart disease and thanks to research, we have made great progress. 50 years ago, before the BHF was founded, 4 out of 5 babies born with a heart defect died before their 1st birthday. Today, 4 out of 5 babies will survive and make it to adulthood.


bhfblog2.pngBaby Ellis arrived 6 weeks early & there were signs that not all was well. An Echo revealed a large ventricular septal defect (VSD) in the wall separating the two lower chambers of his heart. At 3 months he underwent life changing surgery. This was only possible because of research BHF funded.


Proud mum, Stephanie, said: “He is a happy healthy heart warrior and we will be eternally thankful to everyone at the BHF for their research, and to the hospital team for their outstanding care - thank you for making our baby boy’s heart whole."


Our vision is a world in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from heart disease. Thanks to you, we’ve made great progress.


With you, we’ll beat it.


For more information about our incredible work please visit our website



bhfblog3.pngThe British Heart Foundation fights to end heart disease, and is the biggest independent funder of cardiovascular research in the UK.


If you'd like to use your Payback to make a donation to The British Heart Foundation once you receive it, you can. Your donation will go towards ensuring that everyone in the UK benefits from cardiac research.


Text "GGBH98 £1" to 70070 (you can adjust the amount to £2, £3, £4, £5, or £10 if you like)

or visit the giffgaff community fundraising page on JustGiving to make your donation.


You can also choose to donate your charity Payback in My giffgaff. Pick donation to charity before the end of Sunday, December 17th, and your donation will be matched by giffgaff, then split equally between the British Heart Foundation and Save the Children, this Payback period's charity vote winners.


If you'd like to know more about the member-nominated charities this year, keep an eye out on the blog or visit the charity nominations thread in the community.

unlikely to be wrong

thank you, BHF does great work in the UK.


My father passed away of a heart attack at 55 years I really do understand the importance of your work a very important charity to back Smiley Happy

Thank you for everything you do to help other people.


Another very worthy cause.

Kudos to giffgaff for helping promote Charity partners!


this is great to see that gg cares about this very close to my heart.


giff gaff are so careing