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The Best Phones That Still Have Headphone Jacks In 2018

mad scientist

I recently purchased the Google Pixel 2 XL, but like many other smartphones released over the past couple of years, the Pixel didn’t have a headphone jack.


Despite now owning the phone for a good few months, I still haven’t gotten used to not having a headphone jack. It’s the one feature I’ll always miss.


Whilst many other smartphones are ditching the headphone jack, the good news is that not all smartphones are following that path.


In fact, there are some great high-end smartphones from reputable manufacturers that still have headphone jacks in 2018. In this blog, I wanted to share some of the best.

Samsung Galaxy S9

samsung galaxy s9.pngsource:

I, like many others, was originally lead to believe that the Samsung Galaxy S9 wouldn’t have a headphone jack.


It was very surprising to watch the 2018 Samsung Unpacked event and see that Samsung has kept the headphone jack on the Galaxy S9.


Not only does the Galaxy S9 have a headphone jack, but it has a lot more features to make it stand out. Firstly, the S9 now has a camera that performs even better than the previous smartphone camera king, the Google Pixel 2.


The Galaxy S9 also comes with a variety of new features - you can read more about how it compares to the iPhone X here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

galaxy note 8.jpgsource:

Samsung is holding their ground when it comes to following silly trends set by Apple, which is great because it means more high-end smartphones from Samsung are still an optional choice for those who care about the headphone jack.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a generation behind the Galaxy S9, but with it only being released at the end of 2017, it’s hardware and software offering is still pretty impressive.


If you’d like a big, beautiful screen, a stylus, and an expansive selection of utility and productivity tools, the Galaxy Note 8 will be for you.


You can check out a full review of the Galaxy Note 8 here.


lg g7.jpgsource:

We’re still holding our breath for the LG G7 release, but we’re hoping that LG keeps the headphone jack. LG is another company that is never afraid to stick to their guns and all of their previous releases have included a headphone jack, including last year’s LG G6.


Strangely, it has been rumored that the LG G7 will feature the notch seen on the iPhone X, despite including the headphone jack.


Once again, it’s all just speculation at this point, but all rumors point to the LG G7 being a competitive 2018 flagship smartphone with an included headphone jack.

OnePlus 5T

oneplus 5t.jpegsource:

Not only is the OnePlus 5T a flagship smartphone with a very competitive price, but it’s also one of the few high-end devices to include a headphone jack.


The OnePlus 5T has a beautiful 6 inch display, a great camera, long battery life, super fast charging, and plenty of hardware features to put it up against devices like the Galaxy Note 8 and the Google Pixel 2 XL.


You can learn more about the OnePlus 5 range by reading wsjudd’s review here.


ZTE Blade V9

zte blade v9.jpegsource:


The ZTE Blade V9 is a budget pick I wanted to include to appeal to those that have a smaller budget in mind for a new smartphone.


We’re still holding out on the full price for the ZTE Blade V9 in the UK, but hopefully it’ll be between £200 and £300.


You can learn more about the Blade V9 and other new ZTE smartphones here, but essentially this device will have many of the bells and whistles of a full flagship device at a much cheaper price point.


This includes a 5.7 inch 1080p 18:9 display, a dual lens camera, and decent specifications. Most importantly, the ZTE Blade V9 features a 3.5mm headphone jack.



Thank you for reading through my overview on some of the best phones that still have headphone jacks in 2018.


Out of all of these phones, which one stands out to you the most? Is there a phone on this list that you’re interested in getting your hands on?




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I would say there are still enough choices when it comes to phones with headphone jacks. Hopefully for long.


It is crazy how we desire detail we never considered to be anything exceptional. We realise how we need some things when we lose it only.

mad scientist

They all look amazing phones. Whilst I’m not bothered about the Headphones Jack, my friend was only yesterday telling me about her son looking for a new phone, and to him they are a very important feature and the presence of head phone jack will influence which new phone he buys. 

I wonderwhat the reason for ditching it was in the first place.


I have not received the 30 you was meant to put in my acount on the 19 and on the 19 you said you was processing the other 40 and I've had nothing taking my bank details of again till I hear from you its discusting I am now seeing a solicitor d plastow giffgaff diddy

Not too fussed about whether a phone has a headphone socket or not, but I will need to but a Bluetooth headset when I buy a phone without one! Sometime down the line all phones will be minus the headphone socket and cable charging socket too. Wireless will the default position. I would assume loosing the physical connectors will make the phone IP68 and free up space to make the phone slimmer/more compact or add new hardware for new functionality.


> "I have not received the 30 you was meant to put in my acount......"


@giffgaffdiddy I think you may have posted that in the wrong place. You can contact an agent through your user profile


zerodudex333 wrote:

I recently purchased the Google Pixel 2 XL, but like many other smartphones released over the past couple of years, the Pixel didn’t have a headphone jack.


Despite now owning the phone for a good few months, I still haven’t gotten used to not having a headphone jack. It’s the one feature I’ll always miss.


@zerodudex333 So how did you get around this issue? Bluetooth, adapter, new cans/buds?!



I went bluetooth a while back and, to be honest, I don't think I could go back to wires anyway. I connect to both my phone and tablet (simultaneously) without the tangle.


However, I have occasionally recorded the audio from my tablet - for which I've required the headphone jack. But there appears to be an abundance of audio jack  to USB-C adapters/connectors/cables for not much money these days, so is the lack of a jack really a problem? (That's assuming the USB-C adapters are universally plug and go???)


I know someone who has always been an iPhone user, but also has some nice monitor speakers, with an input lead with a 3.5mm jack plug.  He's said that when he next upgrades his phone, he wants to keep using his speakers, so he'll be getting something other than an iPhone.


Yes, he could probably get a bluetooth adapter unit with a 3.5 jack, but why faff about?


I have heard that sales of the iPhone X have been less than Apple's expectations...


Is LG G7 officially announced? Yes 


s7edge has the headphone jack and is still one of the best smartphones around so why upgrade?