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The British 10k London Run Tomorrow - giffgaff for good

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Hi giffgaffers,


As you may have heard a while ago, giffgaff purchased corporate packages for this years British 10k London Run, of which the official charity this year is Tommy's, a charity that funds medical research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth and provides information on having a healthy pregnancy. Both giffgaff members and staff will be running.


The run starts tomorrow (Sunday) at 9:35am. We have a chat thread in social: off topic which we will try to keep updated with news and photo's on the day.


At the giffgaff office we have tried to do some training ourselves, some taking it more seriously than others. I myself have left it a bit last minute and just been going to the gym this week to do some treadmill running, I managed 5k on Thursday but it will be so hot tomorrow which will work against us all.


Here is a few words from one of our member runners, radable:


"Being born three weeks early at 5.5 pounds is not the best starting line “advantage”. About one in five babies make it. Yet forward 17 years and I am running the 400m track for my school (for the uninitated - it's a masochistic way to do a sprint). After a minor knee operation I never got back to training, busy with school, girls and the toddling internet. Forward another 17 years - I had moved to Battersea and liked the park so I bought cheap trainers and started jogging every other week.

When I stumbled on Christian's 10k giffgaff-for-good recruit post, I suddenly felt ashamed: Radan, you enjoy running, you love helping people. And you're daydreaming about doing a marathon one day...
Does it feel right? Well, then do something now!radan-038BW.jpg

I was the lucky baby. Ok, some damage may have been done: I sleep with socks on, I don't really get team sports and it took me three hours to buy new trainers. But I can definitely join the giffgaff team to make a difference Smiley Happy

One in 13 of us is born pre-term. Tommy's help both parents and the medics to give every baby a better start.

For the baby-picture-version of me just run over here: any amount you can afford will help.

Big thanks!

And if you want to track me sweating the 6+ miles on Sunday, I will be sending a live map link on the day - simply write a blank email to now."



Great work Radan Smiley Happy


Well, I better do some last minute jogging, remember to check out the chat thread tomorrow to see how we get on, and after the race to see some of our times (for those who want to show off)


Have a great sunny weekend,



Good luck to all who run, hopefully a few clouds will come your way.  Smiley Happy

good luck to all that take part
heavy hitter

Good luck everyone! you're doing such a wonderful thing, enjoy it! Smiley Very Happy


Good luck to all of you! It's a really hot day (I'm up North, where it's a few degrees lower and I'm boiling!), so make sure you keep drinking water whenever you can during the race (you still get to do that during the 10k run right??). Smiley Happy


yes  have a great day & the best of luck 2 you all that take part

enjoy the sun, its going to be a hot one



zac :-)

good luck all and please drink plenty of fluids, dont want to suffer from heatstroke, all the best Smiley Happy
good luck, sounds fun!

Good luck to all those taking part, hope it's not too hot for you all Smiley Surprised


Good luck, wish I could have joined you!


Going to be a hot one!

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Take care everyone and look our for each other